Can Anyone Identify This Plant Please?

This jug with plants appeared outside our front door yesterday morning.
Our current theory is that these are medicinal plants intended for one of our neighbours.

Can anyone identify this plant please?

Updated images links which should be at the original resolution



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    Try using Google Lens

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    pics are too small. Try the plantsnap app

  • Do the photos come with a microscope?

  • google lens suggests that its Common rue or Ruta chalepensis.
    I'll check with plantsapp now.

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    I looked at the pictures with binoculars and it looks a bit like canola. I don't think you've hit any jackpot of smoke-able goodness.

  • Are you using dial up and had to compress the file size to save data or something?

  • Is there a plant in that tiny picture?

    • Do the links in my previous post not work :-(

      • Yeah thats better OP. Its weird they just turned up on your door. Theyre ugly as plants tho

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          Yes, we found it a bit disturbing. Why has someone gives us a jug of weeds??

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            @nige0090: Is it possible a local person with too much time on their hands picked them off your property in a passive-aggressive do the weeding type thang ?

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    not sure of the name, but it looks like it would be an unwanted weed in most gardens

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    Looks like Common Rue. Used in chinese green bean soup

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      Thanks, I think that you might be correct.
      When I checked Wikipedia for common uses, it did not mention Chinese green bean soup.
      But when I searched green bean soup recipes, it is included.
      Thanks for suggesting a plausible, non sinister explanation.

      I'll check with my neighbours if they are missing their delivery of weeds.

  • No idea what 4k screen everyones viewing these photos on but its perfect size for mobile.

    • I think I originally linked to the thumbnails in my ozb files, rather than the original images. Fixed now.

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    The mystery has been resolved, sort of..

    A confused lady speaking only Spanish, just rang my doorbell.
    When she finally understood that none of the people was wanted to see lived here, we worked out that she had left the herbs/weeds by my door.
    I returned her jug of weeds.
    I hope she finds her destination…

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