Replacement LCD Screen for Galaxy S20+ 5G

Hi all

I have an S20+ that has a cracked screen and digitiser that has stopped working. I costed a new one at many of the mobile phone repair places around and they are all aligned to be about $450. This looks to be similar to what Samsung themselves charge. The phone itself I was going to try and sell once I got the screen replaced as it isn't my primary device. At ~$400+ though I don't see the point of trying to repair it via a shop / Samsung as the resale will only get me around $500 if I am lucky.

So with that I am going to have a play around and give it a go myself. I am pretty handy when it comes to following YT vids and the like and so am happy to give it a go and if it doesn't work then I haven't lost a huge amount other than the cost of a replacement screen. Which is the reason for my post. I have see a few sellers on AliExpress that all seem to be selling the same thing but with different pricing (which isn't uncommon i know). I just wanted to see if anyone in the community had performed a screen change and whether each of the following are pretty much the same screen but just from different sellers. The first one especially given it is a lot cheaper than the others.

As always, any useful info would gratefully received.


  • The first listing is for a damaged/factory second screen. In the description they describe it as having black dot,, dead pixel or spotted.

    EDIT: All the screens you've linked are are… Why would you buy this?

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      Ah right, I didn't pick that bit up. Thanks for clarifying that.

      The rest I presume then would be new / no issue screens given they are all similar price.

      Edit to your edit: I didn't realise they were all screens with issues but now I get it. I did wonder what they were pointing to with each screen. So where they are pointing is where the issue with the screen is.

      That's maybe not a killer issue as the phone will get given to one of the kids I expect and even with the potential blemish, it would be a huge step up from what they have today.

  • I wouldn't recommend DIY repairs.

    It's extremely hard for you to remove back glass off without right tools for it. The adhesive on Samsung back glass are extremely sticky, if you have no heat mat with no proper tool, I can guarantee you that you will crack the back glass.

    Your links for the screen, it may have original OLED but the frames that's been used are aftermarket which could have many issues eg, bad contacts, extremely tight fit or vice versa. Those screens have black dots from the refurbishment manufacturers which are human errors when refurbishing from old screens

    Any other questions, you can ask away.

    • Hmmmm ok. The phone is dead in reality anyway unless I splurge the ~450 to get it repaired.

      Or I try PcFix as deme has mentioned. Presume they could be cheaper.

  • Take it to PcFix

  • Either fix it by pro or move on with your loss will be the most economical option.

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    So I have decided I am going to look to take the back off and if I can do it successfully then I will look to get a screen after that. If its breaks whilst coming off then I have lost nothing as I am not paying $450 to get it done.

    Will be a fun experiment and nothing to lose one way or another as I do step 1.

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