New Keyboard from JB

I currently have a Logitech G810 which has begun chattering (typing keys multiple times when pressed).

I'm looking for a replacement and have $230 JB voucher I was planning on using.

There are quite a few available at this price point so was hoping for some recommendations or advice?

Full size
Backlit (doesn't have to be pretty - just so can see it in the dark)
Mechanical (not sure what type of switch but I don't mind a bit clicky)
Volume control would be nice

I've been scrolling back and forth here: trying to decide on one. There are a few brands I'm not familiar with like Roccat and Gtek - are they worth considering?

Is there any one or two keyboards that stand out at that price point?

Thx in advance.

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  • have a razer blackwidow 2013 for 8 years now, still going strong. if you like it i'd say go for that brand.

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    MX Keys Advanced but price-match PLE

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      Another +1 for the MX Keys but it’s not a mech keyboard and I think that’s what OP is after. But give it a try in store before you rule it out!

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        Ohh I didn't even realise actually! I just thought it was really well reviewed lol and based on price figured mech kb

        My bad

        • Haha it’s an easy mistake! It does seem to be the OzB keyboard of choice!

          OP - If you’ve been somewhat happy with the Logitech keyboard it’s replacing, maybe look at the Logitech G512?

          It’s $99 (down from a somewhat dubious RRP of $199.95), is full size, backlit, has volume controls and comes with either GX Blue or GX Brown switches (I have no idea which is better…I’m sure someone else can chime in) - ticks all the boxes and leaves you with a nice chunk of change for something else?

          • @jackary: Thanks for the recommendations. I do like the price on those - certainly not wanting to spend more than I have to. I think the brown switches would be more to my liking.

  • You need to pop into a larger JB Hifi store and try the different switches as it's very very subjective. They usually have demo samples to try out.

    MX Keys are great for productivity but I will always favour Corsair's keyboards for gaming personally. K63 or K68 depending what size you want.

    K70 is on a ridiculous $120 off deal:

  • Can price match with HN to get Logitech G512 for $98
    Or, look for Logitech G815.

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