New 70-75 inch TV under $4k

Wife has given me the green light to get a new telly. We’re sitting at 65 inches with a Samsung. The setup we have is a Xbox series x and a PS4 hooked up to it with a Sonos beam soundbar. Would like to keep the setup. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I have been out of the TV game for a while


  • We’re sitting at 65 inches with a Samsung.

    Wow, Sam's 'ung.

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    I literally got my Samsung QN85A 75" Neo QLED 4K Smart TV this afternoon and can't fault it so far.

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    Sony 75 9 or 9500 series will be the best 75" you can buy before you jump into OLED range like the 77C1 for just under $5k

    Don't know why you left it to the end of Black Friday/Cyber Monday to consider getting a tv so many great deals just happened…

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      No one can predict when the missus gives you a green light mate. Not in a huge hurry to get one. Just seeing what is out there.

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        So why create a post and waste everybody's time ? 🤦‍♂️

        Should just have a tyre kicker thread

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        I had the same predicament with my wife.

        Just wait for another 2-3 weeks. Christmas/boxing day sales will likely result in another round of discounting.

        Again, I would recommend my model above. I updated from a 2016 curved 55inch Samsung.

        • Thanks mate. Yeah not about to pull the trigger as soon as I’m given a green light. Xmas sales will be my target I reckon. Been checking your reply out. Looks good. Hope you’re enjoying it mate.

        • That's if there's any stock left from Black Friday lol

          Rtings both rates those models pretty well too Sony has slightly better blacks but the Sammy has a lot less reflection and better viewing angles

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