Selling Car with QLD Rego to NSW Buyer

Hey everyone , just wonder how is this gonna work.

1) De-register the car in QLD, hand in the plate for refund of remaining rego , before the sale
Buyer to truck it down NSW

2) Any other way ? if keeping the QLD rego intact ? Can he/she do the transfer later in NSW ?



    1. Yes. Take the plates off it and tell them to get a unregistered vehicle permit if they want to drive it home.

    2. No. They cannot transfer the rego in NSW. They will need to re-establish rego when they get back.

    • Can hand in the plate to nsw rego office and get new nsw rego.

      • Only if you're the registered owner?

        • This… RMS will send the plate back to Qld and then Qld rego will refund the named owner of the vehicle.

          • @pegaxs: Not Correct, when vehicles are sold, everything attached to the car including rego/ctp (even though they can’t transfer it) fall under their ownership. You cannot claim the rego/ctp once you’ve sold the vehicle as firstly, you won’t have physically have the plates to surrender (if applicable), and secondly neither the QLD/NSW sites/forms will give you the option for, ‘cancelling rego as vehicle transferred interstate’. Even if you tried to follow this up further, theoretically QLD would contact the RMS who would have a different registered owner on file and then knock you back.

            This policy is in place to provide cover for the new owner for the 2/3 weeks that they need to relocate/rego the car and ensure that they’re covered in the event of an accident. When the new owner registers the vehicle (and potentially hands in the plates), RMS will inform the QLD equivalent of the new owner (in the event of any fines due). As QLD would now have the new owners details on the system, they could submit a refund request if they wished for the residual rego/CTP component.
            Rego cancellations are only available for Stolen/Written off/Dropped off at the wrecker cars. Each of these options will provide the owner with sufficient acceptable evidence for the RTA to accept. If you have a car that you are locking up long-term/collecting, cancelling before transferring ownership or is generally not being used then you could possibly also cancel with a signed stat dec, but again no option for this once transferred.

            • @JDMcarfan: A few years ago, I purchased a motorcycle from Vicwegia. It came with 8ish months rego. When I went to re-rego it in NSW, I handed the Vic. plate into the RMS and was asked if I was the registered owner in Vic. I was not. I was then told that they send the plates back to Vic where the rego would be cancelled and the refund would be returned to the current registered owner of the vehicle, which, incidentally, was not me.

              I was given a receipt for the plate from RMS and rang VicRoads and they reiterated what I was told by the RMS. If there was any outstanding rego refund payment to be made, it would be sent to the registered owner they had on file. If I wanted to be the registered owner, I would need to do a transfer of registration and supply a Vic RWC.

              I was only going off what I was told by both the RMS and VicRoads at the time and given that this was about 5 or 6 years ago, processes may have changed.

              • @pegaxs: Weird but in typical RMS policy it makes sense that that was the process before.

                I think the process must have changed since then, and now accurately reflects the fact that when you buy the car, the price paid includes some value attributable to the rego/ctp remaining. This reflects the fact that the old owner wouldn't have been able to claim themselves given they wouldn't have plates anymore (for states that need it).

                The way you go about it now is to do all the necessary steps before, go into RMS with interstate rego paperwork and hand in the plates. RMS will give you paperwork that states you have handed back plates and moved interstate rego to NSW. Then once you transfer rego to NSW you will have a receipt that you have paid necessary stamp duty for the purchased value.

                With the receipt for stamp duty and acknowledgement of plate return and subsequent re-registration in another state (NSW), you can apply and forward sufficient evidence to the interstate authority to have your refund approved.

      1. This is one way of doing it, but realistically both parties should agree to this and its totally not necessary. Doing this would kinda be a waste for both parties, and severely inconvenience the buyer.
        You can sell your car with rego to a person interstate. Just fill in the the disposal slip as usual, noting the interstate D/L no and address and submit it (you might not be able to do this online, but can certainly do so in your local RTA (whatever its called in your state)).
        The buyer then 'legally' has 14/21 days (depends on their jurisdiction), transport the car down to their state, conduct necessary roadworthy, pay CTP/Rego/Stamp Duty and have it registered. When getting it registered, they may be required (Queensland - you may keep all special, personalised, custom and prestige plates) to hand back plates and will be issued new NSW plates and will need to get 12 months rego. The buyer will have 'ownership' over the QLD rego and CTP and can apply for a refund, but then again the refund is effectively nil if the rego left is <6 months. Unless you've just put on 12 months, the refund you/they get is paltry and is eaten up by admin fees.
        I have done this process myself and friends from both ends, and can confirm that this is the standard process people use all the time.
        I used 'legally' as many people, including myself, have purchased interstate vehicles with rego and driven them close to their rego expiry and then transferred it over to save some $$$. I would like note that I don't condone these actions (did this as a teenager) and its at your own risk, but being caught by Police is near impossible unless you divulge information (people would state that they're 'process of moving' if they ask). Obviously this doesn't apply to you, and you carry no risk from a buyer doing this.
      2. This is correct
      • Thanks mate.

        Is the disposal slip required for the buyer to register NSW rego ?

        I don't think QLD TMR has disposal slip. Only transfer of rego (which requires buyer to have QLD address/license)

        In QLD if we sell an unregistered car , we just hand written a "receipt" of sale.
        If it's registered then we fill in Rego transfer form (requires buyer to have QLD address/license)

        • Is the disposal slip required for the buyer to register NSW rego ?
          Is the rego paper divisible into 2 sections (one for the buyer and one for seller) like in NSW? If so, whatever you give to a QLD buyer is what you give to the NSW buyer (perhaps also give them a 'receipt of sale' to prevent headaches). We kinda call the entire form (both parts) the disposal slip for both buyer/seller.

          I don't think QLD TMR has disposal slip. Only transfer of rego (which requires buyer to have QLD address/license)
          I believe this is what both you and the buyer fill in and each have a copy of which you submit to TMR? Whilst its called a transfer of rego, you still both fill this in and you would submit it to TMR (so they know your no longer the R/O), the buyer takes that copy as evidence to RMS as proof of acquisition and pays Stamp Duty on the transfer amount. This way the rego isn't actually transferred to the buyer (as they don't live in QLD) but it remains on the TMR system.

          In QLD if we sell an unregistered car , we just hand written a "receipt" of sale.
          We do the same!

          If it's registered then we fill in Rego transfer form (requires buyer to have QLD address/license)
          As said above, you'll still need to fill and submit this. You'll fill in the NSW licence and address. You might have difficulty submitting online given the different state but you can go into a TMR and they'll accept it without issue.

  • +1

    I did this a few years ago, took the buyer to qld tmr and handed the plates in, they then purchased 24hrs insurance and drive it to nsw as the instruction of tmr.

  • Buyer to truck it down NSW

    Is the buyer getting it transported because they are on an offshore rig on the darling harbour by chance?

    • LOL, or maybe the more plausible reason being that none of us from NSW are allowed in to QLD due to Pala"Trigger-Happy"szczuk's border rules?

    • curious how does the scam works if the money already in my account

  • Buyer to truck it down NSW

    Can also get unregistered vehicle permit and drive it down that way.

  • Now we wait for @transit to pop up and tell you to transfer to yourself in qld and keep on driving on the qld rego for ever - but failing to tell us he has an address in both relevant states.

    Get seller to fill out notice of disposal (or whatever the wild form is). Drive back to nsw in qld rego and get nsw rego within 14 days. Will require a blue slip inspection and hand the qld plates in to nsw when you get the new rego. Did this last year, but was a caravan. it took several weeks to sort the rego, but it was parked between when I got home and when I organised the blue slip inspection.

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