Any luck getting a cash refund from Sony for change of mind?

I have recently bought a TV from Sony and a much better deal came up. Am I S.O.L. trying to get a cash refund from Sony for change of mind? The TV hasn’t been dispatched yet.

I’m curious if anyone has had any experience with this?



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    You can ask but they would be within their rights to refuse.

    They may also charge you a restocking fee if they do cancel the sale.

    • Thanks. In their T&C they state credit/exchange. So I’m probably out of luck.

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    Unpack it and enjoy it when it shows up.

  • Best way to know is to ring them and state your request. Note: If the order has been ‘processed’ regardless if hasn’t been dispatched, you may be out of luck.

    • Unfortunately they’re closed right now. But I’ll give them a call tomorrow.

      • I once bought a Sony HTZ-9Fr from their Ebay store and i was able to get a refund with ease after i cancelled the order (change of mind). Good luck.

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    Dont like your chances..
    If Sony had upped their price, would you be willing to pay more after you've already ordered and paid?

    This is why you stop looking at deals for items after you've bought them :)

    • That’s a fair point. Need a post Black Friday OzBargain detox haha.

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    It might be harder if you bought it direct from Sony, but I once bought a TV through the eBay Sony store and was able to get a full refund with eBay's help.

    I was in the same situation as yourself, they hadn't dispatched the TV so I requested a refund through eBay, a couple hours after my request they shipped it. eBay holds the money until a product is fully delivered so they just put the money back in to my account once I could prove that it hadn't been delivered, I had to do a bit of back and forth but it was quick once eBay got involved.

    • It’s directly through Sony unfortunately. I’m not liking my chances

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    And I also assume you checked if your credit card has any kind of price protection?

    • I have and it does not.

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        Time to get a new credit card! :)

        (price protection and extra insurance are both really worth it.)

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    Tried calling them and cancelling, if they haven't dispatched it yet?

    • Will be giving that a try tomorrow morning.

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    As they say in songs: I am a woman and I can change my mind. Well TV retailing should be done by retailers and since you fell for Sony deceiving you you can bet your chances! They also say: Don't pay the ferryman till it gets you to the other side!

  • I thought I would provide an update to any future OzBargainers: I was able to cancel my order through Sony before it was dispatched.

    It took quite a few calls to the cs centre but it is possible YMMV. They weren’t reluctant or anything it’s just that the process is quite slow and my order seemed to be processing in the background e.g. I received a waybill from DHL event though they were processing the cancellation.

    • I should add: Make sure to get your case number for the cancellation when you call them. Otherwise, chances are they will forget about your request.

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