Robovacs - which one to buy?

Hey I’m looking for a robovac

I’m contemplating either the Roborock s7+ or the deebot t8 ozmo aivi

I’ve got a combo of tiles and carpet. However the main areas are tiled and I want a really good mopping function.

I’ve got a newborn and CBF to clean anymore, I’ve got a cleaner coming every fortnight.

Can someone advise?


  • Not the T8 but I was keen on the T9+ until I learnt it won't cross carpets with the mop attached, so unless all your hard floors are joined, it's mopping function is limited to the hard floor area you put the base station on.
    If this is an issue for you, S7 it is.

  • +1

    I've got the S7 and bought the auto empty dock separately. Also, have a newborn and the S7 is a game-changer.

    The mopping function is good as long as you pre-wet the cloth yourself beforehand and then attach it to the S7, otherwise, you'd just get some thin streaks. I've got 1 original mopping cloth and 5 generic ones that I alternate between each clean. The S7 automatically detects different floor surfaces, mopping the right areas and will leave carpet alone. I have noticed that it doesn't detect a playmat as a "carpet" so it will be mopped.

    Keep in mind that while any robovac is great, it will never replace a manual mop so every now and then you'll have to mop the floor yourself.

    Enjoy the Robovac (whichever one you purchase) and the newborn!

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