WTB: Good Quality Furniture and Wall Art

I own a one bedroom apartment in Sydney CBD which is used as a rental at the moment. I'm planning to move in at some point, hopefully sometime next year.

I have already accumulated enough dinnerware / electricals / whiskeys / beddings etc mostly from deals seen on this site, but still need all the furniture, lounge / coffee table / bed / dinner table & chairs / drinks trolley etc.

It's going to be my bachelor pad and I want to make it look nice and comfortable. Would appreciate any ideas / suggestions / advice on where to purchase good quality furniture. I have been looking into King Furniture / Fantastic Furniture / Nick Scali and some other online retailers. Their stuff are not bad but seem to be mostly designed for big houses / space.

I also want to get a couple pieces of wall art (e.g. paintings / photos), if anyone knows any struggling arts please let me know. :)

Not sure if I should use an interior designer or not since it's only a small place around 50 square metres.



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    Lava lamps
    Shag carpeting

    Problem solved

    • Not exactly what I have in mind, but thanks.

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    Nice furniture and decor such as a mirror across the wall would look cool.

    If youw ant some art, maybe create something, maybe even buy a NFT and frame it.

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    Do you want chicks over? If so, widen your perspective to what appeals to them as well.

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    Wall art sorted


    .but anyway some real advice… an interior designer might help if you're struggling to fill the space with something classy. Painting walls is cheap. Plenty of art prints about on places like allposters or most framing shops should have art ready to go.. if you want originals, start looking at art auction houses or go to local galleries

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