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[Switch] 18 Free Switch Games with Newsletter Signup (Existing Customers, N American Switch Account Required) @ No Gravity Games


Throughout December, starting Dec 1st Gravity Games will give away an additional 18 of their switch titles -you must already own 1 of their switch games (e.g. Pirates: All Aboard! You will get it when you sign up) -you must claim the 2nd free game in order to be eligible for the 3rd free game, etc -if you miss a game during its free window you can purchase it at a reduced price in order to claim the next game for free

  1. Sign up newsletter
  2. Check your email & confirm subscription
  3. Receive free code for Pirates: All Aboard! & Redeem code on your switch

All of this is only for North American Nintendo switch accounts

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  • Saw this on NintendoLife, but I've never heard anything good about any of their games. Could be good if you're getting a Switch for a kid for Christmas and want something to make it look "full" I guess?

    • I read some reviews. They reckon the games are ok, but it is too short, so not worth the money.
      When these are free, maybe it is worth a try.

  • +1

    Here's a list of their games sorted by metacritic score.

    The best case scenario is that you end up with Alder's Blood at some point during the giveaway. But if you lose interest or forget the day before, you're out of luck.

    • Ouch, those are some rough numbers!

      • There was a recently released "ninja platformer" in the list somewhere with only 2 reviews that were both 8/10 that could be promising, but not guaranteed to be included

  • +1

    Like with Qubic (?) games last year, I’m willing to give this a go. Having to get a US-based switch account is an annoying hurdle however.

    • You can change your main account to US and back without issue. I've done it for Hotline Miami collection, uncensored South Park and a few other heavy discounts. But then you have to deal with the constant switching back and forth or leave it on the US region and hope theres no good local bargains

  • +9

    Majority looks like shovel ware.

    Not worth the hassle tbh.

    • +3

      haha I love the term


      • Lol first time I've heard that too

  • Well, here are the first three games (taken from email);

    • Could you redeem yet? I got pirates but can't get these

      Starts 1st Dec.. Didn't check which timezone

      • US of course, not 1st yet!

        • +1

          seems its after 7pm AEDT.

  • How did you get the game code?
    I signed up to the newsletter and still haven't gotten it

    • +1

      check the junk mail

  • 18 free games


    Ah, it's a Qubic.

  • +2

    I'm surprised this has only 11 upvotes? Games not that bad, gee!

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