Synology DS 920+ RAM Upgrade? Extra 4GB, 8GB or 16GB?

Just wondering for feedback on RAM upgrades on the DS920+?

There is one 4GB soldered on RAM and 1 expandable slot.

For those who don’t know the overall recommended maximum RAM is 8GB.

However there are many guides to expand beyond 8GB, most commonly 20GB overall (adding a 16GB stick).

From what I can tell to use compatible RAM you should have the following specs:


  • CL19

  • 2666mhz

  • Single Rank

The following are the model numbers or Crucial RAM that is recommend to work (theres also some Samsung sticks that haven’t looked into):

16GB - CT16G4SFS8266 - $79 - CT16G4SFD8266 - $95 (comments provided an update on the correct 16GB stick to use if you want to risk pushing past the 8GB total recommendation).

8GB - CT8G4SFS8266 (only seen one person in a Reddit post recommend this after having issues on a VM after 3 days with the 16GB stick constantly, they ran the same setup with the 8GB stick and no issue (maybe the 16GB bad RAM?). Even though only one person recommend this it seems to have all the same specs as the other two, so it should be good?) - $39

4GB - CT4G4SFS8266 (Specifically recommended for the 920+ on Crucials Website) - $28

I was originally looking to add a 16GB stick with BF sales from around $80 delivered.

But then I found multiple comments on forums about people experiencing strange issues after using the 16GB RAM stick.

Some people have even reported that they do not see anything above 8GB being utilised, even with more RAM installed.

But I can’t find any feedback about RAM upgrades here. I figure with how popular this NAS is on here there would have to be people doing RAM upgrades and know what stick to get thats the cheapest and best.

So do people have experience with this?

The most I can see is many people saying this can handle acting as a Plex Server (I’ll be on Emby with local and remote streaming), torrent client, usenet and sonar without issue.

That’s all I’ll be using it for as well as cloud storage (if I can work it out).

So do I even need a RAM upgrade and if I do, how much?

At this stage I’m thinking 16GB is too unstable so maybe just adding 8GB because its only $10 more than 4GB but if I don’t even need 8, I would just get 4 (if its enough?). I really don’t want to risk data loss or having to rebuild the server because of a crash for some extra RAM I may not even need.

Hope that all made sense and someone with experience on this can help me and anyone in the future.


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    Crucial CT16G4SFD8266 16GB. This is the one you want. Dual Rank. No issues what so ever.
    Have it running in my ds920+ for 6 months.

    • I bought this exact same module a few months ago and have had zero issues. 20Gb is seen by the system and I have Plex running with a few Docker containers. Rebooted once when the building lost power and it came up as normal.

  • Extra RAM would help for multitasking or handling many users at the same time otherwise it is not necessary. Unless money is burning a hole in your pocket why not evaluate how it runs with 4gb as it might be all that you need and more won't make a difference? CT16G4SFD8266 is the crucial 16gb module if you really want it.

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    You could have many ram as you want in the expansion slot and by what manufacturer had explained this DS 940
    would only take maximum 8 GB ram for running capacity.
    Anything over that would be seen as useless. Better to spend money for caches or hard drives. If you have the budget, simple upgrade to higher model.

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    From a purely technical level the DS920+ can definitely utilise more than 8GB RAM given the right module like that Crucial — that official 8GB limit comes straight from the Intel datasheet for the Celeron J4125. It's the same situation with the QNAP TS-453D.

    Running with 4GB, 8GB, 12GB, or 20GB are all equally viable. You want single-rank for 4GB and 8GB expansions (CTnG4SFS8266) and dual-rank for 16GB (CT16G4SFD8266 as indicated in the comments, not the 16GB single-rank in your post)

    But from someone who's running 20GB in their DS1821+, you probably don't need that much.

  • Lots of sites suggest adding 16 GB dual rank is ok, this one advises against doing so:

  • Thanks for all the help everyone.

    I have been struggling to get everything up and running due to time so I’m looking for someone who’s good at IT and has experience with setting these up to assist me.

    Once it is up and running I will assess how much RAM I’m using and decide how much more I need to add (if any).

    All your comments were very helpful and hopefully this will help people with future purchases as well.

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