Are There Any HUDs I Can Buy That Look Similar to, or better than Stock Mazda HUDS?

I want a HUD in my Mazda 6 car, and the later models have a HUD that looks nice, and blends in well. All the third-party ones I've seen online so far are bulky or tacky. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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    Any suggestions

    Upgrade to a new Mazda 6.

    You will not get the integrated OEM look with aftermarket products.

    Why do you want it?

    A bit gimmicky for a Mazda 6.

    • Sometimes I like gimmicks, haha. I don't want to replace the car though. I like the rest of it just fine.

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      New Mazda seems the obvious answer. Either deal with a non OEM look, upgrade the whole dash from a newer model or buy a new car.

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    AliExpress type in HUD and look at what one you like.

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    Chuck an old mobile under your windscreen and see if you need a polarising filter. Ugly but cheap and less of a target to window smaschers.

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