How to Get Free Shipping from Amazon UK?

Hi all,

I am after this carpet cleaner from Amazon UK and the price seems reasonable, however shipping is same as the cost of the cleaner. Understand it's UK product and all that, however any idea if I can get it shipped free?

Thanks heaps

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    Get the pet pro version, which is covered by Prime? Sounds like up selling by Amazon lol

    • I'm guessing the free one maybe from Amazon UK itself, the non free one may have been from third party seller in UK.

  • That's bit expensive and comparing both on YouTube review, are essentially same, except from 1 additional tool and spot cleaning function

    • But it’s $700 for the standard version ($350+$350 postage) vs $554 for the pet pro version (free delivery with Prime). Your call.

  • I'd like to pay $50 with free shipping. Please help.

  • I called Jeff and he said he will sort it out for you.

  • Does it come with AU power fitting?
    Might invalidate warranty if you don’t use UK power outlet

    • I don't think the OP will be posting it back should there be any issues with it given it will be more than the price they paid…….that's the risk you take.

      As for the plug, a quick trip to Bunnings to purchase a new plug will sort that problem out.

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    The price is reasonable because of the crazy delivery cost. Nothing more.

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