Christmas Wrapping Paper

Heaps of cheap choices out there but anyone recommend any store in particular?


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    You're doing it wrong.

    You buy the wrapping paper just after Christmas for 20 cents a roll and store it for 11 months.

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      You reuse the Christmas wrapping paper from last year's presents you received…

    • Now you can sell it to OP for profit.

    • Or you can wrap it in newspaper or put it in a reusable gift bag.

      • Don’t buy a newspaper, just save up all those burger wrappers from during the year

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    The store that shook up the Supermarket duopoly in Australia, ALDI.

      • 1 for Aldi. I only go there a couple of times a year, 1 of which is solely to buy wrapping paper. I find the paper thicker/ more durable than any other that I have used and the rolls are longer than most as well.
  • myers might still do free wrapping (that was a thing, or am i just old?)

    • Since when? It costs $8 normally. Furthermore, you have to buy something from Myer in order to get it wrapped by them.

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    Just go to your local dollar shop/discount place and grab a 3 pack like this

    No point putting much thought into it since it's going to be torn apart anyway. I've wrapped birthday gifts in xmas paper.

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      Are we still allowed to call such shops, " wog shops, wag shops, …….", or do we have to go all dribbley , and use dollar shop/discount place, ?

      • The place next to me is literally called "Super Dollar".

        I feel like nicknaming a place after the ethnicity of it's owner stopped a long time ago…

      • do we have to go all dribbley

        pretty sure you might already be there…

  • Open your gifts early and rewrap other gifts in it. The loser is the one that opens it on that carpenter's birthday!

  • Get thicker wrapping paper from TK Maxx. Don’t get those thin ones

  • Not the cheapest option but good value is the 3-pack of double-sided paper from Costco for $16. Doesn't tear and non-transparent. There are other, better designs than the ones of the webpage. I tend to think the presentation and experience of opening gifts is more important than the contents, so makes sense to spend a few more bucks for the good stuff.

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      $40! I'd rather use wet toilet paper.

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        Oh… yeah good point… it was $16 in store. $40 can F-off.

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          I came here to suggest the Costco stuff, if OP is looking for good quality paper. We've been buying it for years now, and really like it. It's hard to tear it accidentally, which is what we need when travelling interstate for Christmas. Before buying this one we used the cheaper stuff, and so many Christmases we'd arrive to find gifts had torn open in the boot. Not great!

          We paid $16 for the Costco 3pk in store. The $40 online one looks like it's for 2 x 3pk, so 6 rolls total, with $8ish delivery on top.

          For cheaper options, Aldi usually sells a big roll (20m for $4) and it's decent enough if you don't need it to be puncture-proof.

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    toilet paper
    i'm sure we all horded enough

    • That makes for terrible wrapping paper. Although you could re-use it as toilet paper afterwards?

      • Yeah, I agree. Looks like shit.

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    Brown kraft paper is good and it can be decorated with a big bow or hand stamp or draw designs on it.

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