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[eBay Plus] Breville Quick Stack Pancake Maker $63.20 Delivered @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


I have been looking on a deal to make pancakes easier. This one seems to be well regarded and can handle 4 at once (for all my pancake desires). I am god-awful at making pancakes in a frying pan, hence the dedicated appliance.

This is only a deal for eBay Plus members, as shipping + smaller discount really kills the deal.

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  • I guess you could do potato rosti and mini omelettes in it too?

    • The user manual has a recipe for:

      • Creamed eggs with smoked salmon
      • Potato rosti
      • Rhubarb and custard pancakes
      • Basic Pancake Batter

      Plus a few more.

    • +5

      NO! Only pancakes, $63.20!

  • I read it Pace-Maker in the first glimpse

      1. Cut power cord at entry point to machine
      2. Hold bare wires from cord in hand
      3. Switch on mains power.

      OzBargain Pacemaker.

      Note: Do not do this.

  • +4

    of all the pie maker / waffle maker / thing maker type appliances this seems the stupidest

    • +3

      At least with a waffle maker you’re making something that you can’t make in a pan due to the shape.

    • Yeah you could spend half of this on a cheap cast iron pan and have beautiful pancakes. I have a cheap Kmart pancake maker and it just sits in the cupboard. Not even sure why I have it tbh.

      • i'd go with a griddle

    • +1

      not if you have kids making pancakes ….they can’t reach the cooktop and don’t trust them with gas stove when standing on a stool …..these types of appliances limit harm and can be
      placed at a level where they don’t need a stool.
      or step.

  • Maybe you need to try a different pancake recipe so the batter is thick/fluffy and doesn't spread out? or try egg rings? But I don't care if mine are round, just call them 'rustic'

    • Mine is more a matter of impatience. I flip way too early.
      Or on the other side I leave them on too long and they burn.

      And then I end up tipping the final 50% of the batter to make 1 giant pancake.

  • Bought an umbrella from these guys. Handle snapped off after only using if about 5 times. They claim it is accidental damage and won't refund. Steer clear.

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