When Do You Buy AAA Games You're Hyped For?

Like most Gamers I have a pretty large back catalogue of games to play in my spare time, however I still get hyped for new releases. I thought I'd put it out there and ask the community how long they usually wait to buy games they are interested in.

Personally I tend to buy the games I want when they hit a certain price point, although I did order DeathLoop a few days before it released (after reviews came out) and just picked up a PS5 copy of Far Cry 6 for $40 second hand (not a game I'm hyped for, but one I'll enjoy at that price point). I also bought Cyberpunk 2077 for PC through the VPN deal before it released (although I had a pretty bug-free run). I usually give out the advice that you shouldn't pre-order games, but with the amount of YouTube coverage some games get before release the appeal of a late pre-order is on me (especially digital releases where I can pre-load like Forza Horizon 5).

What's everyone else's thoughts? The most ozb way would be to wait until everything hits the bargain bin, but personally I like to try out the new hotness within a few months of it coming out.

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    Within 12 Months
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    When it hits a certain price point


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    Don't pre-order. Only buy games you want to play now. Buy DRM free.

    • Pre-order on Amazon. Pay nothing upfront, you automatically get lowest price guarantee if it lowers, cancel anytime and free returns if you change your mind or reviews turn out to be crap. You don't lose anything.

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    I'll preorder certain multiplayer games (mostly FPS) as the player base should be at its most active since it was just released. I will also preorder certain remakes or sequels etc - usually both western and Japanese rpgs.

    Anything else, I'll usually wait.

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      Also certain multiplayer games are just unplayable if you wait too long.

      Case in point is Chivalry 2. It's been discounted a bit lately at retail but I tried playing it and since we're in Australia, it's ridiculously high ping, bots and no one locally ever playing.

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    Everyone has different priorities, for some it's video games. I clocked many hours in FH3 and FH4, so for me I pre-ordered the deluxe version of FH5 (well, the version to make the Game Pass version deluxe). Under $70 was worth it, and Forza's generally don't get discounted for a while (nor do the expansions, which are included in that price)

    • I did the same. As a longtime FH3 and 4 fan I'm happy to pay for the upgrade and DLC.

      • to me its the opposite

        i had fh1 on 360 and that was an amazing game

        fh2/3/4 i bought pretty early and really, i'm sick of this shit

        they just are recycling the same old formula

        i'll try fh5 once it gets on a bit in age but again, i'm seeing nothing new in fh5 game structure wise and i'm seeing things that are even worse this time round

        GT7 may be a different story

  • Unless it's a game you 100% know you're going to play every single day for months it's best to take a day at release and let your excitement settle down and you can think clearly if you want this game now at a high price or wait for a deal.

    Preordering is absolutely pointless, last time i did that was for a COD beta code years ago when i only played on console and when COD was good

  • These days I rarely have time for games so it's when I have time. I just started playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and it's what 2, 3 years old? I used to preorder, wouldn't do that these days even if I intended to play right away as developers have become even lazier and are delivering sub par product so I'd wait for independent reviews.

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    I pre-order games like Valhalla, HZD Forbidden West, and Cyberpunk when they do seem exciting months or years in advance off amazon, but like most people (and you) I think if the cost hits the value I'm expecting, then I'll pay - I jumped at recent deals for Guardians of the Galaxy, Ratchet and Clank, Res Evil Village and Deathloop as they all hit my happy price point and will be great over the Christmas break :) Still playing Valhalla though so yeah, will take a while to get through the backlog. I call that "gamer's anxiety" :D

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    I only buy games second hand. They usually settle down to a predictable price and stay that way for months/years so not much point waiting once I see a copy at a decent price.

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      They usually settle down to a predictable price and stay that way for months/years

      This is still mostly true for some of the best first party Nintendo titles, but it's less true than it used to be, especially on other consoles.

      And it's not true at all for PC, where digital sale prices can dip below $20 within the first 6-12 months, even for the very best AAA games.

      Take a look at second hand console game prices from CEX, where the prices are determined by an algorithm based purely on supply and demand: https://au.webuy.com/ . Some games stay high but many fall quickly and/or go all the way down to $5 in months.

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        Oh yeah I only buy Nintendo games so I see it is different for other platforms. The last non Nintendo game I bought was Skyrim for PS3 on release for $120 or something eye-wateringly stupid like that. I was so excited for it I would pay whatever. Within 6 months it was in the bargain bin. I swore I would never buy a brand new game again.

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    After a couple weeks it's pretty easy to gauge what a game is like as reviews and social media reactions are available by then. Because of digital versions, no game ever sells out anymore so no real risk of missing out like there used to be. Almost every AAA game has bugs on release so I don't pre-order and am happy to wait for the bugs to be ironed out.

    That being said, for online multiplayer games the player-base being active is super important to me so I wouldn't wait 12 months as these games may have had everyone move on by then (i.e. the yearly COD, Fifa, etc.). Single player games like Far Cry or DeathLoop I'll wait until bargain bin. Not only do they release with bugs but these games often end up with a bunch of DLC that eventually gets added to some 'game of the year' version which is cheaper and doesn't require extra purchases. As for a game like Cyberpunk which I would have expected to have an extensive modding scene, I wouldn't buy it until (the game is stable but also) there are some killer mods as the communities on these types of games are so creative.

    I have game pass so a lot of the stress of pre-ordering for things like Forza Horizon 5 is irrelevant because I'll play other things if it turned out to be no good. Also, game pass for pc lets you pre-load.

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    I wait for DRM free games. I don't want my browsing history, or stuff on computer to be monitored by for-profit companies. Happy to preorder DRM free games because I don't live in USA.

  • I don't really buy any new games, even the ones that I'm hyped for. I'll wait until they reach a relatively cheap price (under $50) and if I really want it, I'll buy it. I try not to spend too much on games.

  • I only pre-order games that come with a pre-order bonus/collectable.

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    Really depends with me, if its a game I know I'll try/play straight away, then I'll pre-order as price go's from $69 to $80 or something after the pre-order/firstweek for some reason?
    If its a game I don't want to play ASAP, I'll wait it out until its quite cheap, especially single player games usually get some sort of sale a year or so later. Only time I don't do this as much are nintendo games, for some reason those switch games really stay up in price, so I'll usually get them the first "eh not bad priced" sale I see.

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    After being basically torched by Anthem and then Cyberpunk, I'm done with hyped up games.

  • Not until reviews are out. Been burnt too many times. Got enough backlog to get through to wait until reviews are out (or game is patched) or it drops below release price.

  • +2

    Game of the Year editions and when they're on sale at least 50%, yes I'm that cheap and patient.

    Got burned on Cyberpunk though

  • Watch Dogs was the last game i was ever hyped for & Pre- Ordered.

    Since then every game i only buy after it goes on sale, example every Far Cry game since 3 i've bought when @ $20 or less.

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    Usually wait 1-3 months then the big sales usually come in and I'll grab them, I was going to buy BF2042 but will wait six months or just not buy it after its disastrous release.

    Games these days don't excite me much I was on the hype train for Cyberpunk and that was a major flop now BF beginning to lose faith in AAA devs

  • I wait for the $30-ish mark, including secondhand. By then the bugs have been ironed out / patched up and there's usually some DLC too. Mates don't let mates buy Cyberpunk on launch day

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    I have a long backlog so I only buy second hand when it reaches $20 and must be the goty/full edition.

    Only pre-order when it comes with a cool collectable statue like elder ring or horizon forbidden west (missed it)

  • For games I’m hyped for and know that I’ll most likely enjoy, I buy on release. Reviews are generally out a day before release so I can gauge if it’s buggy.
    Im happy paying full price for a game. The better a game sells, the higher chance for a sequel.
    Unfortunately I was late to the table with Days Gone. I would love a sequel and I’m shattered that it won’t happen anytime soon.

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