Good Value Redemption for the $40 eBay Plus Sign-up Voucher

Hi all! Signed up to eBay Plus with this deal

The voucher doesn't work with any of the other promos, what are some general categories that are good value to use up this $40 voucher within the next 30 days?

Thanks for your help!

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    You can buy me something for $40 if you can't decide

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    Christmas coming up and you don't know how to spend $40?

    • A lot of stuff on eBay I keep finding isn't great value (cheaper with a 15-20% off promotion or just going straight to Amazon).
      Got to get the full $40 value out of the voucher!

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        Got to get the full $40 value out of the voucher!

        You never will, as there's always some coupon offer for ebay or cashback

  • Rare spare parts that is not commonly available. Eg, replacement battery for a specific model laptop. Amazon likely won’t have it and AliExpress isn’t necessarily cheaper nowadays.

    Fishing bits and pieces (lures, etc). Fishing retail stores rarely have good discounts.

  • If you need anything from Office works, they have an ebay store that allows pickup. Last time when I ended up with a bunch of small value ebay vouchers, I used them to buy postage stamp from the store down the road.

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