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I have just recently found (what I think) is a great deal on a pre-built desktop, linked below. Unfortunately it is a UK company that does not ship to Australia and I was wondering the options for parcel forwarding (company that ships on a package when you pay to send it to the address).

Conversely, I was wondering if there are any good Australian deals or builds for building (preferably) or buying a pre-built PC. My budget is around $1600.

Cheers in advance

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    Use the forums, deals are for deals

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    I don't think this is a good deal tbh try those guys, they post on ozbargain quite frequently and I think they're decent price
    I'm sure you'll be able to find something fdor yourself

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    What you've posted is about ~2,000 AUD with the exchange rate, before shipping

    There are cheaper, similar builds, popping up on ozb, ie:

    The above is OOS at the moment, and with the updated cost and changing hdd to 1tb SSD comes to 1879, but still cheaper than the one you've posted for 1,050 GBP

  • I'm not sure how you came to find a UK based company where there are so many choices in Australia for quality prebuilts

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    That desktop from UK is $1955 AUD after conversion, and possibly a few hundred more for the packing and handling plus GST.

    Better deals locally from BPC and Techfast etc.

    • I have read a lot of reviews online that swear against Techfast. Shipping is slow and build quality is allegedly terrible. Is BPC known to be good?

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        Techfast build quality is fine but is more pertinent in usage of low quality parts to meet price targets. BPC build quality is fine, but components are somewhat higher quality at the expense of price. Both are similarly long in wait times.

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