Are Perfumes at Shavershop Old Stock?

I bought a David Beckham EDT from Chemist Warehouse. I had previously read that Chemist Warehouse sells old products. I searched for a manufacturing date on the perfume and saw it was manufactured on 01/14

Need to buy some perfume bottles for gift. Saw some nice perfumes at shaver shops at decent price (not as costly as Myer or DJ). Does anyone know whether shavershops sell perfumes with very old manufacturing dates??

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    Ahhh this is a good question - anything sold at a substantial discount to RRP by Chemist Warehouse (including their spin off perfume stalls they own in malls) and other discount perfume retailers is quite often old stock as you have discovered. I'm amazed that you picked up a near 8 year old bottle though - that's quite unusual in my experience. I bought my wife a bottle of Gucci Bloom in 2018 from Chemist Warehouse but the price was only about 15% lower than DJs or Myer. Not surprised as it was quite a new perfume - only released in August 2017.

    The same applies for Shaver Shop - if they are selling perfume at a substantial discount, go in store and ask if you can check the manufacture date on the box, prior to purchase. Naturally there are some exceptions though - occasionally you may see a substantial discount off perfume at a discount retailer and it's newish stock.

    • I was in the suburb which has Chemist Warehouse hence though i was not wearing my specs i picked up one. I used it and the fragrance wears off within half an hour.

  • Go there and pick one or two that matches one of the brands supported here > (there's other sites that have these "calculators" too).

    If the ones you check are "old", then the chances are the rest of them are old too.

  • Do COTY/Designers continue making perfumes they designed/released like a decade ago and no longer list on their website? I would assume not, unless it's a classic eg. A Chanel.

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