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Segway Ninebot eKickScooter E10 $299 Delivered @ AZAU


7/12 Update: Coupon code still valid but no longer required for the special price.

The more powerful and larger version of the E8. With the same push-assisted technology this model again ensures a nice combination of fun, exercise, and safety. Make their short commute more manageable and fun, whilst still giving them a good dose of healthy exercise. They'll love you for it!

  • Payload: 20-60kg
  • Recommended Age: 8-14 years (please take your local laws into consideration)
  • 16 km/h Top Speed
  • 10 km Max Range (Actual range varies)
  • 7% Climbing Slope
  • Push-assisted Technology
  • Triple Brake System (Electronic Front and Rear Brakes + Press Brake)
  • IPX4 Water-Resistant
  • Battery Included
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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    Payload: 20-60 kg
    Recommended Age: 8-14 years

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      Get two, one for each leg, for 120 kg and 28 years.

      • Spend the $299 on some boom dude. You only get one ‘health’ and there’s no Cashback.

  • Still $499 in cart

    • Same here

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      My bad, already had code in cart from previous purchase and forgot I had it. Use code in description now.

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        Yep, working now. However I don't see the point giving kids an e-scooter - they need to be active and ride manual. And as jv noted, only up to 60kg so not suitable for adults.

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          Well yeah but not everything on OzB is aimed at adults

          • @Where's_That_Cake: The point is I'm not sure who's the target market of this e-scooter. Not for kids (imo they'd better ride manual) and not for adults either (too small).

            • @tukanglistrik: I'd consider it for my youngest, not as his only scooter, he'd still need one for the skate ramps but as something he could go to school on.

            • @tukanglistrik: And it's not even rated for the fat lazy kids who don't want a minimal one?

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              @tukanglistrik: The kids and I travel longer distances so a pushy isn’t always practical. This makes getting away from a device and getting fresh air for longer more attractive.

  • Thanks, grabbed 2 for $598 for the kids. Amazing price for a quality brand.

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    10 km Max Range (Actual range varies)…..

    Does it mean it can only go up to 10km distance?

    • more if you are under payload and push

  • How do you lock these things?

  • I think this code has expired - seems to be 499 now even with code applied?

  • Is this website legit ??

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