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Mistral Pizza Oven White $39 Delivered @ Australia Post


Perfect the best crispy crust and delicious pizza toppings
1350W Mistral Pizza Oven
Perfect the best crispy crust and delicious pizza toppings
Available in White

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    I don't know this model, but the quality of all that crap that AusPost sells is below anything I know.

    I got a poor quality projector for $100. After 11 months it stopped working. They said I had to contact the manufacturer, deaf to any arguments from my side. When I eventually asked them to provide the manufacturer's number, they realised how much of an ungooglable no-name it was and they told me someone would contact me re my warranty claim. Haven't heard from them yet, it's been two weeks.

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      It's Mistral, the same brand that makes Ozbargain's favourite air fryer.

      Of course buying a no name product is going to come with problems should something go wrong. That's why no name's are cheap.

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        Of course, but you're missing one of my points: AusPost sells crap and doesn't honour warranty as a seller. Their crap product problems should be their concern, not mine, as per the warranty they're selling it with.

        The other point being this thing here is a toaster, not a pizza oven. I'm not even sure if the Giuseppe mentioned below would cook alright in it.

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          Username checks out.

        • return to manufacturer is not uncommon vs return to retailer for warranty claims. retailers are not always well placed to determine if it’s broken due to faulty workmanship or materials and raising an RMA, vs abuse / used incorrectly or,people not repackaging so that retailer can ship back to manufacturer …..some aldi items are the same, contact manufacturer, get an RMA and ship it …or you might get refund within a certain period after purchase ….

          jb hifi , good guys, HN , myer and many other retailers often handle the return to manufacturer for warranty claims saving the postage costs …it’s called service and factored into price …. it’s why we love bunnings for warranty claims

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            @garage sale: If a product is faulty, It's the retailers responsibility to make things right with the consumer.


            Products must be of acceptable quality, that is:

            safe, lasting, with no faults
            look acceptable
            do all the things someone would normally expect them to do.


            You can claim a remedy from the retailer if the products do not meet any one or more of the consumer guarantees, with the exception of availability of spare parts and repair facilities.

            The remedies you can seek from the retailer who sold you the product include a repair, replacement, or refund and in some cases compensation for damages and loss.

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    Best you can do with this is cooking a Papa Giuseppe pizza.

    • i have a clam shell shaped pizza maker and it’s great ….but also higher wattage than the mistral and it cost me $110 …..

      • What brand, I'm in the market

      • Yeah those are good. I have one myself and so much better than the normal oven

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    Kmart pizza cooker $39 - 4-6 minutes per pizza.


    AP is the new Innovations catalogue - mostly cheap, poor quality stuff.

    • Is the Kmart one good? Looking for a caravan pizza and maker

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    25mins to cook 1 pizza! Be prepared for screaming kids and tummies while you wait for the second one and third one etc. Agree with above comment that it's just a fancy toaster.

    • How would it even get crispy at that low temperature , isn’t the idea of getting a crispy crust to blast it with heat?

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    This is at best toaster / food warmer.. takes 25min to cook pizza!!

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    Any deals on Cartier watches?

  • I’ll stick with my firebox BBQ pizza adapter which I got from the masters closing sale thanks

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    I own and recommend this. It has made some exceptionally good pizza and other breads. Make the dough with bread flour or 00 flour and you’ll be loving it.


    • Yeah this one makes sense. Temp of 400deg with stone base > cooks pizzas in 5mins. Nice.

      • 400 degrees should cook in one minute. If you need 5 it's not 400 degrees

    • Did you buy from the linked site? I had a look on ProductReview and there is a lot of negative feedback about Victoria's Basement, especially about the delivery times. I think I will look at a bricks and mortar where I can pick up.

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        I thought Victoria Basement is brick and mortar store with few stores in Sydney! I found the model with no glass also on Amazon for $84 and they provide $12 discount coupon. Some say lid with glass gets black after many use. But some review of the Pizza oven say "you need to turn it few times to get even crust as some part has less heat"!

        • Sorry, I should have mentioned that I am in Melbourne so it would have to be delivered. I know someone who has one of these and they swear by it. I must ask them about the glass thingo.

  • I guess this is ok if you want a big toaster, and might make the off pizza in it. Could be a good addition for a camper/caravan oven? Doesn't take too much power.

    As an oven to churn out pizzas, only maybe if you are eating on your own.

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