Mazda 3 2017 starting issue

Hi All,

My mums Mazda 3 2017 has developed an issue with starting. We have noticed sometime when you press the button to start the car nothing happens at all. To get it started we lock the doors and then reopen them and the car starts. It has been doing it randomly.

Anyone had this issue.

I tested the battery but no issue with it.


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    Replacing battery in your car key?

    • Nah haven't I'll try that thank u

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    I tested the battery but no issue with it.

    Is it the original battery? What did you test specifically?

    Is it keyless entry?

    • Just got the car battery tested at repco

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    We had the same problem with a 2017 model still under warranty. The intermittent nature meant Mazda couldn't reproduce the problem. They were reluctant to do anything substantive, but after letters of complaint and referral to Fair Trading they finally replaced an immobiliser module and we haven't had the problem reoccur since.

    • No Vroom Vroom…

      • lol.. its more like broom-broom

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    The issue is a malfunctioning ignition start button. We had the same problem with our Mazda 3 2016 model. Once it was replaced the problem went away.

  • There was a time when mobiles had too many buttons. Now there is a car maker that gives you a quality screen and far less buttons to go wrong.
    If you let it rain onto the window buttons whilst your door was left open then remember they use more and more low power network suspectible to leakage faults.

  • I had a similar problem with my vehicle. would be fine 99% of the time. battery terminal lead was loose. would be fine 99% of the time. (but I'm sure you checked that with the battery)

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    Go and see the dealer and ask them to fix it under ACL.

  • I had plenty of trouble with dodgy batteries in the remote. Had the right voltage but not enough current.

    One trick I learned was if you place the non key end of the remote to the starter button the car starts no matter even if the remote battery is flat.

    Didn't work on the boot on the sedan though sadly.

  • Tested the battery in the car or in the remote? Chances are it's the remote battery. Also, buy a decent button battery - like an energizer not a cheap generic. Been caught out before and not worth the saving.

    • So not from Kwik E Mart? 🙂

    • Legend thank you I'll change it, are the key batteries easy to replace

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