House Roof Questions Help Needed

Hello people,

All these years I lived in units and recently purchased a house.

When I looked into the roof, I saw that there is silver colour sheet missing in some parts of the roof. I am not sure what is this sheet and what's this used for ?

1) Do I need to get someone to repair this ?
Also, when the building inspection was done, they mentioned that roof has lots of dust and needs to be vaccumed.

2) Do I need to get someone to do a roof vaccum?

3) Lastly, the insulation seems came out in some areas. So do I need to get that fixed ?

Biggest challenge for me, since I moved into the house there were couple of repairs required and I find that some of the tradesman just ripoff .

Thanks in advance


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    the silver sheeting is called sarking, i wouldn't worry too much about it, or put it very high on the priority list,,

    insulation however, i would fix in areas that are deficient, or needs repair.

    i would inspect your house thoroughly and make a list in order or priority,

    and go from there…

    • Thank you so much

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    Have you thought about putting tasks up on AirTasker? That way you don't need to worry about people giving you ridiculous quotes and wasting both of your time. They take a decent clip of the cash but I've found it's good to find tradies that are trying to get their business started.

    • Will try… Thank you so much

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    Wouldn't stress about the sarking, you've got a high enough pitch that the condensation on the tiles shouldn't pose issues. Just be careful with the ceiling bats that you don't put it over the downlights (unless they are LED) as it can pose a fire risk.

    • Thank you so much

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      unless they are LED

      I'd take caution here. Some LED drivers run very hot and need adequate ventilation.

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    roof has lots of dust

    Probably from the lack of sarking. The sarking acts as a membrane to stop dust and water being blown by the wind into your roof space between the over lap of the tiles.

    needs to be vaccumed

    Up to you, but probably not necessary unless it's really bad.

  • In the past tiled roofs often didn't have sarking or insulation and this is fine if the roof is working properly and doesn't leak. If it's not bothering you there is no need to worry about it.

    Part of your roof may have been extended or replaced which might be why that area has sarking.

  • My roof don't have that silver sheet either. Brand new build.

    • Colorbond or tiles?

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        • You should check with your builder. Depending on your roof, sarking is mandatory for new builds.

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    Get in the roof and check that the tiles overlap and you cannot see sunlight for the rain to come in and check for cracked tiles. These two are way way more important than the sarking.

    The cables in the roof are a mess and need to be checked out. If you have solar then the cabling in the roof is not compliant IMHO as it should be easy to find and follow and be labelled. Also what is the blue colored cable?

    Check if there is still any cloth covered cable anywhere in the roof cavity and in the crawl space under the house as clock covered cables can catch fire. Also check the fuse box for cloth covered cable. Make sure you wear a proper mash and overalls when going into the crawl space under the house, unless you know 1000% what chemicals have been used under the house since it was built.

    • Thank you so much.. it's Very helpful

  • You should wear a mask if going into the roof space. Very dusty, possible rat and possum poo and fibreglass dust, especially if moving the insulation around. Don't want to be inhaling that stuff. If moving insulation around, you might also want to wear some gloves (even latex ones) as the fibreglass can irritate the skin. If there are some places missing insulation, you can buy some from Bunnings and other retailers. I like the Earthwool range as does not irritate my skin as much as the pink and yellow batts do. If you do buy to DIY, you'll notice it comes in two main widths: 43 and 58cm. Measure the width of the space between the battens to find out which type to buy. They also come in different R ratings which measure their insulation performance. You might also wish to do it when it is cloudy or overcast or in winter as it gets very hot up there.

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