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[Switch] Bravely Default II $35 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Not a historic low, but low enough to be a buy now, think later purchase.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Grabbed, just in time to use the $5 promo credit from that Amazon GC deal.

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    Amazon price-matching Harvey Norman.

    They also price-matched Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin & No More Heroes 3, but unfortunately had very limited stock and currently out of stock (received price drop notification)

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      I bought NMH3 a couple days ago at $69 with 15% cashback. I was smart enough to use 28 degrees thinking this would happen. Just dropped in a price protection claim. Thanks

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    Target had it for $10 alongside Age of Calamity for $15 two weeks ago.

    • what. wait. How could I miss that!!!

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        I only knew about it when I visited the Hornsby branch and saw the sticker on the shelf, there wasn't any stock available but then I asked at the customer service counter and they said they had one copy of each in one of the drawers.

        The guy at the counter also told me, that one person before me on the same day took about 13 copies of Bravely Default II at $10 apiece, He thought that person took them all but there was one copy hidden and I was the lucky one.

        • ah. lucky you! well done.

        • You were lucky.

          I saw that sticker at Hornsby a few weeks back. I already have the game but I cleaned out a lot of their cheap PS4 games while I was there.

  • Got mine price matched at JB Hifi

    I feel at this price it's fine.

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    I think its a good price, the game doesn't seem too easy to find on sale, most places I see it cheaper are basically selling for clearance so few stock and just getting rid of it, and I just feel if you're lucky to get clearance thats great, but thats more being lucky/timing as opposed to a sale price point you can easily obtain.

  • Sighs, my untouched $68 copy didn't age well.

    • May be wait a year or two like Octopath Traveler. Didn't buy back then, now hard to find (not eBay ridiculous price)

  • Ok with this price.

  • The girl at JB priced matched this for me… Very reluctantly. She didn't want to until the manager changed her mind lol

    • Very weird how that happens then the shops wonder why people buy from Amazon instead of them.

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        The reluctance for price matching is even worse at my Chemist Warehouse. I asked one of the staff "Do you price match here?" And she cryptically replied "Maybe. You can try." Without making eye contact 😧

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    Nice price, I picked this up for about $45 I think from an EB games sale a month or so ago…. haven't even inserted it into the switch yet. I really need some self discipline in not continually adding games to my backlog!

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