Powerful Laptop - Budget $1500

Hey folks,

I need a new powerful laptop.

My requirements:

  • 6-8 core processor
  • 16gb ram
  • Nice screen
  • Decent GFX card if possible (light gaming)
  • 2kg max weight and reasonably skinny (not chonky like the Legion 5 pro).
  • 7 hour battery life and USB-C charge able for on the go.

So far, the Lenovo Ideapad Slim 5 Pro 16" has caught my attention. It has a 5800H (8C/16T), 16GB ram, 120Hz IPS 2.5k matte screen, RTX 3050 at around $1.6k. I was thinking of the Thinkbook 16 pro gen2 which has a 60Hz screen but a RTX 3060 max-q, however this one is closer to $2k. Also I don't think it can charge by USB-C for on the go.

Are there any other laptops I should have a look at? The Lenovo model will take a couple of weeks to build and ship so I can place an order and cancel if something better is available.


  • You have just missed them all Black Friday - Cyber Monday would of been the time to buy one..

    • Ah poop. Are there any models I should be lookign at tho?

      • He's right, but no worries mate, start doing the research now, and hopefully you can look at christmas.

  • USB-C chargeable for on the go
    Lenovo Ideapad Slim 5 Pro 16"

    Not sure the Slim 5 Pro can charge via USBC when it is spec'd with a discrete graphics card as it changes to a different power tip?

    so I can place an order and cancel if something better is available

    Also not sure you can do this with Lenovo?

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      I looked up some reviews and the dude said it can be charged very slowly (atleast stop it discharging) with USB-C. It normally comes with a 135W seperate charger but when I am outside the house I can use my 45W charger.

      The build time is like 6 weeks for the lenovo. I asked the CSR and he said you can cancel it and get a full refund if you cancel before it is shipped.

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      I've got a Legion 5 Pro with the 300W lenovo charger. Still charges fine with my 65W USBC charger via the USBC PD port. Obviously can run full graphics at that power but fine for normal use.

      • Thanks for confirming. Is the Legion 5 Pro portable at all to take everyday in a backpack? I want a hybrid between gaming/portability but unfortunately the L5Pro is a bit too chonky.

        • pretty chunky. i reverted to my Yoga for travel and the legion stays at home.

  • Go for Dell - Latitude 5350 lightweight, cheap and fast. Dell Vistro is also good.

    Dell website always has a sale going on - 40% off on laptops.

  • I have an Alienware 15 R3 excellent condition i7 GTX 1070 recently upgraded to 32gb RAM looking to sell if you're interested - a bit heavy though

    • Ah all good mate, looking for a new one and less chonky than that one.

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