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Bundaberg 12x 375ml: Lemon Lime & Bitters (Back Order) or Diet Ginger Beer $12 ($10.80 S&S) + Post ($0 Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


Found these 2 bundaberg drinks on special.

Bundaberg Lemon Lime & Bitters — Back Order
Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Another option @ Woolies @ $10/10 pack, if would like to bundle it with your weekly shopping and get some EverydayRewards points.
    Link: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/203552/bun...

    • Thanks moo, happy to support an alternative other than Amazon

  • No love for the guava ?

    • Wish the Blood Orange flavour was this price

  • Is this better than Cascade?

  • Anyone tried the spiced, on sale at Woolies. Thoughts?

    • Dropped some spiced rum in some last night. Didn't blow me away, wouldn't grab again - tasted pretty artificially sweetened to me.

      • I've tried a few/most of these bundaberg flavours, they are all very sweet (something like 12% sugar). The burgundy creaming soda was the worst and inevitably gave me one headache for each bottle drunk.

        The mango mixed well with some whiskey that wasn't that good by itself.

        • 40grams of sugar per bottle

        • even the diet versions ? no wonder my bsl is high :P

          • @rakeem: The Bundaberg diet ginger beer still has sugar, if you are after ginger beer without sugar the Saxby's diet one is quite good.

        • Tanqueray and diet lemon lime bitters on ice is the best.

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      I get the spiced every year. I like it for a bit of a refreshing change from the regular or the diet. Bought 2*10 packs today. Think I had only seen it at Coles previously, so nice change to see it on my quick shop this arvo at woolworths.

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      It's not bad, but a bit of spiced rum in the diet ginger beer goes down a bit better :)

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    Thanks op got the diet

    Need to lose some kgs 🐖

  • this is on another post.

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    2 X 4pks for $8 currently at Coles

  • Anyone know the percentage sugar on the diet ginger? I thought that they were supposed to be close to zero but I can’t find the percentage in the description on Amazon.

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      Approx - 4.5g - Quantity per serve
      Approx - 1.2g - Quanity per 100g/100ml
      Found it here

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        Thanks, 1.2% is not bad.

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    It shows it in the Amazon listing, 3rd pic.
    Anyway both seem to be OOS.
    Cheers OP, picked up some lemonlimebitters, for that refreshing sugary hit on a hot day.

  • No stock available

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      Back in stock!!

  • Though I had missed out, thanks, grabbed it.

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    Bring back diet lime!

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    Dunno why people bother getting glass bottled drinks from Amazon when it’s the same price at supermarkets per bottle…. Is it just laziness, too busy or don’t care??

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      the less time i can spend in the hellhole that is australian major supermarket chains the better.

    • +2

      Come straight home from work and it's sitting on my doorstep.
      Carry inside and put in fridge.
      Doesn't get any easier than that.

    • that's the dumbest thing i have ever heard.

      its free delivery, i don't waste time or petrol. why wouldn't you do it?

      • Its not free, you have to pay monthly subscription. Time…. meh you get from the shop when you want and don't have to wait for delivery times that are not accurate these days and items on doorsteps can get stolen. Petrol lol, do you not ever drive your car to shops for anything. but your right, it is dumb to question your logic

        • lmao, u don't have prime? you must be a centrelink millionaire. that is why u go to the shops. if you don't have prime then definitely go to the shops. you definitely need to get prime.

          i already have been shipped over 100 items from prime. i pay $59 a year. i also watched over 100 movies on prime video, and listened to over 7k song on amazon music. it is well worth the $59 i pay a year.

          prime delivery take a day or 2. its bundaberg, not crack, lol.
          time is very scarce for me, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands, so definitely go to the woolies and shop around.

          my packages has never been stolen, but then again, my neighbourhood is really nice with great people.

          Petrol isn't cheap. if i am going out, then i will do all my shopping at once and be efficient with my time.

          look like times are tough for you, amazon prime is free for the 1st month, give it a try. just set a reminder to cancel your membership because billing will be automatic.

  • I was at Woolworths today and they had all the Bundy drinks on sal with 30% off making them all $10 for 12 bottles

  • mmmm Canadian Club with dry ginger with ice and a slice of lime is so great, i haven't had one in ages.

    But not sure if it's ginger ale or ginger beer?

  • i got the diet because the regular 24 pack deal was over. diet isn't bad at all, i would order again.

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