Is buying Factory Second Monitor worth it?

I recently missed out on a deal for the LG27GP850 both officeworks and JB were selling for around $577 but just found a Factory Second for $499 .

Anyone know if Factory seconds are worth buying or is it a risky purchase?

Edit: Will wait for next sale


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    Not for such a small saving.

    I've bought factory second 30" Dell 3011 when it was first released. Died a year ago, I suspect an easy fix (switch contact issue) but not worth the hassle.

    Saved I think 40%, paid about $900.

    • I might just wait it out for another sale then, I almost impulse bought this.

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    Or 144Hz model brand new for the same price?

    144Hz vs 165Hz, otherwise aren't they both the same?

    27GL850 vs 27GP850

    • the models are a bit confusing but I think GL is 2019, GN is 2020 and the current model is GP 2021

      27GP83B is a more comparable model, I think it doesn't have USB ports and its 165hz (compared to GP850 180hz)

      • Does it matter what year it is if its new with warranty?

        • Kogan? Warranty? What's that.

          • @brendanm: na nobody would buy there… I meant elsewhere … honest…

        • I'm looking to get the latest model not the one released 2 years ago.

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            @bananhana: If its new and the same spec, it wouldn't matter - thats what I was getting at.

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            @bananhana: New model refurbished vs 2yo model brand new…

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              @spackbace: Like I said if I had to choose another model then I would take the GP83B which is the budget version of the GP850 and only $50 more then the 2 year old model from Kogan…

              I know what model I want people, the question was is factory second worth buying (answer was no).

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    For a 13.5% saving… I would get new for $577

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    Factory Seconds products may be recondition and may have imperfections, for example physical damage, missing pixels, corrosion, etc that do not affect the operation or performance of the unit. All products are sold on an 'as is' basis and the customer is responsible for inspecting the product before purchase and the warranty does not cover any such imperfection.

    If it was carton damaged then i'd go for it but for a monitor i wouldn't risk it with a factory second, plus it's not a large enough discount for a factory second.

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