KFC 'vouchers' sent via email...that never show up as credit on the app?

hey ozb fam

So this is just a weird bug-bear of mine, but I get these 'vouchers' in my email from KFC saying how they miss me, and give $5 off the next order via their app…and valid for the next 7 days

What gets me is when I try to use this 'voucher' in the app (either via the link provided in the email itself, or separately opening my app) well within the 7 day cut-off, the credit never appears even after adding something worth over the minimum spend

Am I missing something here? I appreciate the KFC app is pretty rubbish, but this is probably the third time I've tried to use one of these 'We miss you' vouchers from KFC without the credit ever actually being there

anyone have any ideas? haha put me out of my misery and help me explain what I'm doing wrong?!


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    it shows it when your about to checkout.

  • I've had a few of these vouchers and they always show up on the front page when you first open the app, just need to scroll down.

    They have minimum spend of $10 so try to spend at least that much. Otherwise, make sure you are logged onto the same account (if you have multiple).

  • thanks but haha still no luck - scrolled down to the end, closed the app, restarted phone, still no voucher

    the mystery continues…

    • Is the app logged in on a different email than the one receiving the vouchers?

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