eBay Seller Offered Partial Refund on Used 3DS XL Due to Faulty Battery

Hi all, I am new here and came for some advice.

I bought a used 3DS XL from a seller with good 'score/rating' on eBay. Item arrived promptly with no issues, item was as shown in images and functional. However the bottom of the device was bulging and since an expanded battery is dangerous I contacted them asking if they know the cause. They replied the battery should be okay for at least 2 years and it's only a cosmetic issue. Just to be sure (as an expanded/leaking battery is potential fire/explosion hazard- according to other people online), I opened the bottom up (very easy process), and the battery was indeed bulging. I contacted the seller again with photos attached. After a day, I got a reply saying I can get a partial refund of $18 (apparent cost of battery). However I am wondering if I could get a greater refund, as to be precise, the issue was not outlined on the product listing, and had I not opened it up, my house could have gone up in flames, or exploded in whole.

My thought process currently is, I paid $220 for a fully functioning 3DS XL and some extra games, but if I have to buy another battery, replace it myself I should be getting more than just the cost of the battery as the $220 I paid should theoretically include the full gaming experience out the box (it was claimed to be fully functioning on the listing).

Just another note, the bulge on the bottom is quite noticeable as it rocks side to side significantly when its on a flat surface (so they 99% would have been aware of this).

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    Just take the $18
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    Ask for a full refund- send product back
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    Argue for greater amount of partial refund

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    It arrived to you with a two year old (plus) battery which might have had limited life left anyway, take the $18 or even just accept the loss knowing you'll have a fresh battery in the console.

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    "I bought a used 3DS XL"

    ahhhh caveat emptor. Just take the refund and put in a new battery

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    Wow people like this ruin ebay. stop being greedy. just take the refund.

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      And the sellers who are selling faulty items to unknowing customers are not greedy?

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        They gave you a refund to cover that battery. Battery may have been fine, got hot while in the Australia Post sorting centre for 6 months, and puffed a bit. Shit happens, the seller made good.

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          Shipping took 1.5 weeks :))

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    I can get a partial refund of $18 (apparent cost of battery)

    You get a new battery, that's great. Get it replaced and move on… and start playing on your 3DS.

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    In case the seller is on ozbargain, here is how you block these types of buyers.

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      Am I really the only one at fault, when the sellers tried to hide the fact that the item was essentially faulty??

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        Doesn't matter if the seller is at fault or not, they have offered to send you a partial refund of $18 which is more than enough to cover a replacement battery (They are $16.40 on eBay) for what is a used item and you are here asking how you can take advantage of the situation.

        If someone has good feedback it's for a reason, maybe they aren't someone who knows a lot about electronics, considering it came with games im guessing it's someone just selling his old 3ds and games but just so happens to need a new battery which is common with older items with battery's.

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          fair point, but they're not an individual seller, it seems they're a small games store

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            @innocentsoul: As i said it really doesn't matter as they have done everything they can to remedy the situations but you're still attempting to take advantage.

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    had I not opened it up, my house could have gone up in flames, or exploded in whole.

    Bit too dramatic, don't you think?

    • Would like to see the mspaint on that!

      Bit too dramatic

      OP is certainly demonstrating this characteristic!

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      Didn't realise a 3DS battery was actually an explosive capable of destroying an entire house

  • I bought a used 3DS XL from a seller with good 'score/rating' on ebay. Item arrived promptly with no issues, item was as shown in images and functional.

    So what is your issue then if the items arrived as per the images? You got what you paid for.

    Take the $18, buy a new battery, replace it. Move on with life!

    • I just feel the sellers should have said the bottom is uneven/bloated in their item listing

      • Could you not see that in the photos?

        • Nah because the photos were mostly top down pics and the bulge wouldn't really show. It only became apparent because it kept rocking side to side on my table

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    Lol new user

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    They were dishonest enough to neglect that they knew it was technically faulty and still sold it then offering a partial refund causing you to waste time sourcing a battery… I would take the full refund and make them pay for return shipping

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    If the 3DS is say 2 years old the battery would likely be pretty average at best.
    I'd take the $18 and buy a new one off ebay and install it.

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      Yeah, but how can OP take advantage of the situation for their personal benefit?

      • By posting in OzB. Looks like a fail at the comments.

      • good point!

  • Thought the bulge could have appeared while posting. Seems strange that they have "it's just a cosmetic issue and will last two years" in the email. Guessing they would have defended themselves if the fault happened in posting. It's definitely not cosmetic and slightly risky to send it in the mail.

    The battery could fail at any time, potentially cause damage to the DS etc. I would stop using it tbh… You do find deals on ebay, but there is a weird catch sometimes. I would accept the battery but leave some feedback. Also seems like a really common DS issue, so they should have known about it.

  • Excuse my ignorance, but is replacing the battery on one of those things difficult?

    • Not really, just pop open the back cover and swap it out

  • I would just change the battery. Why didn't you buy it from EBGames for $148?

    New Nintendo 3DS XL Console (Refurbished by EB Games) (preowned)

    Edit: Looks like it is only in stock at "Nowra NSW"

    • I wouldnt, EB games dont actually do jack all to their "refurb units"

      In addition the staff that trade it in dont even check it properly before accepting it.

      I bought a refurbed pikachu edition 2DS console and it had gunk everywhere in addition the buttons were sticking and when i opened it up the unit the screws looked like they never had been unscrewed at all for inspection since new.

      Also I have heard on another forum someone had traded in his Switch V1 console and the unit had a small hairline crack on the top and one of the joycons were drifting but they didnt check it at all. Which doesn't surprise me as I traded in a Switch lite console before and they just put it away and did the transaction without even testing it.

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    Why is it every one of these posts is "I WaNt muH/mOaR cOmPeSaTiOnZ!"

    It's a 3DS, not a kidney dialysis machine. Take the $18, buy a new battery and replace it. You don't get to claim pain and suffering for a hand held game console that only needs a battery.

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      Nothing more needs to be said… close thead :)

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      @pegaxs Hey completely unrelated question. Do you need to use your indicators on a roundabout even if you're going straight? And not turning? Have the rules changed? My sister recently took a lesson and apparently that's what the instructor advised.

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        You're always meant to indicate off a roundabout…

      • Why, I am glad you asked… In a totally unrelated thread, in a sub-forum that has nothing to do with road rules…

        Best bet is this would make an interesting topic, so post it up in the automotive forum and see what sort of dumb arse answers you get.

        And a primer to get you started, check out Australian Road Rules, starting reading from rule 109. Pay particular attention to rules 112, 113, 117, 118.

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    It could have happened in transit, the seller may not have known and despite everything they rectified the issue.

    How much extra are you expecting from the seller anyway? Enough to cover the trauma of your house nearly exploding? Or will $5 be all it takes so you can sleep soundly at night - in which case start a go fund me, I'll chip in 50c.

  • the same thing happened to my "New" 3ds XL that was in storage. the battery was bulging and decided to charge it anyway and it returned to normal.

    I am not advising you to do the same and As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

  • There‚Äôs eBay and PayPal buyer protection, maybe look that up.

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