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Sequence Board Game $20 + Delivery (Free C&C/ in-Store) @ BIG W


Test your strategic skills in the classic board game, Sequence. Learn to block your opponents and remove their chips - but you'd better watch out for the Jacks! Exciting and challenging, it's suitable for adults and kids aged seven and up.
Product Features:

Game of strategy
From 2 to 12 players
Suitable for ages 7 and older

In the Box:
1 x Folding Game Board
Sequence Playing Chips
1 x Instruction Book
Sequence Playing Cards

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  • +6

    Great game, easy to learn.

    • +3

      Spent many nights with a glass of wine and this game on the table. Good fun.

  • +5

    This game is a rare one that can be played with 3 players. But despite what the box says, anymore than 3 and you're playing in teams, which is rubbish.

    Quite a good game for tweens and adults to play together.

    • +2

      Absolutely. I'd say even at 5-6 year old can learn it very easily and win against an adult. A great entry into board games for kids.

    • +2

      Nah teams is a cracker after a few afternoon beers with a group of friends. Adds extra strategy.

    • +2

      With the right people, you can play 6 player, all communication is banned.. quite fun

      • We're pretty loose with that rule. Can't point out tiles but the odd excited or groan noise is made. Only adds to the excitement when you've got no idea what the hint it, Heaps of fun though anyway.

        Only downside is say is sometimes players can take way too long to take a turn (me included). We don't have any easy timer setup for turns.

    • +3

      We typically play with 6 player (3 couples), but in 2 teams, husbands vs wives. Helps that everyone is hyper competitive, so it’s pretty fun. Also imperative that husbands do not over-celebrate victories to avoid receiving the cold shoulder on the drive home..😅😅

  • So good!

  • +2

    My son likes this, so we've played it quite a bit. Seems pretty random as to whom will win, but still fun. Just wish the cards were easier to read, bit too small for my eyes.

    • +2

      Consider using poker-sized cards with large index,

      eg something like this

      • +1

        Great idea, it's just two decks without the jokers so makes it easy to swap out the cards

  • Best game even, kids over 8 and adults alike. Do yourself a favour and buy it, at this price! Gets very serious in our household….

  • Yes amazing game, for kids and adults alike, keep those come eyed jack monsters coming

  • Great game

  • +1

    Recommended by Bill Barrett

  • I swore I saw this in Aldi not long ago…

    • Metal tin $25 still some floating around. Yes

  • +1

    Fantastic game. I woudn't read too much into the comment about playing in teams being bad, it brings another type of gameplay into it.

    Definitely recommend. Great for those friends that don't like boardgames as well as it's easy to pick up and a lot of fun.

  • 10/10 would sit in silence and think intensely with my family again

  • Cheers OP, picked up a copy for my office secret santa

  • It's normally $25 though right? Just a $5 savings?

    • +1

      Yeah it's pretty cheap for a board game anyway, but know there'd be a few holding off that would see this discount and use the opportunity to get it. I've already got one at home that isn't mine, but thinking of getting a second one for when I'm staying remotely for work.

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