What Cloud Service Do You Use to Backup Your Phone?

Hi All,

My iphone has just notified me that my icloud storage is full and is recommending me to upgrade with one of their Icloud packages.
I was wondering what the ozBargain community use to backup their phones. If you do use a particular cloud backup service, could you please advise the cost and why you would recommend it to other people?

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    Google Drive
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  • What's it full of?

    iCloud is great for backing up and restoring your iPhone itself, but if you've loaded it up with pictures/videos then I'd move them to something cheaper to free up space for other stuff. If you have an office subscription OneDrive is the obvious choice since you're already paying for it. Amazon Photos will also give you 5GB free.

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    Why would you use anything other than iCloud? I mean, I do have Google Photos installed as well because I was an Android user for years before migrating across, but for simplicity sake, most users never need anything more than iCloud.

  • My own NAS

    • PC (with external backups)

  • The idea that spending a $1.49 a month is a lot cheaper than getting a new phone was put to me by people on this forum and it's been a good one so far!

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    Google One is essentially "free" assuming you're earning enough credits to cover the small membership fee with Google Opinion rewards.

    It's available for both IOS and Android https://surveys.google.com/google-opinion-rewards/

    I still use Dropbox (free tier) with 26,9Gb storage. Their desktop app kind of sucks though.

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    MS family 1TB onedrive.

    I would use icloud but it costs more.

  • Local storage. Cloud security is easily broached.

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    Whatever the CCP recommends

  • only use 128 GB internal memory and 32 GB SD card (got for free from ebay plus deal). I have Google One but I just use it for other files.

  • I have a full icloud - anyone know of a way to convert the 'live' files on there, to just standard files to save space? Anyone had this issue/done something about it?

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