Microwave Suggestions: Kmart $99 1100W Microwave or 30+ Litres Alternatives?

Hi fellas, we're looking for a new 30+ litres 1100W microwave for our benchtop, and am considering between the Kmart brand (link below) and the LG NeoChef 42L microwave on sale for $199. Very occasional use of it, mostly to heat up dinner leftovers, need 30 ish litres so could fit a whole chook or sunday roast. Don't need those all-in-ones microwave with grill/convection as we have a air fryer. Inverter or traditional?

Kmart $99 34l microwave (features: it has a pull door and number pad!)

Happy to pay an extra $100 for safety and if it lasts a long time. Any suggestions? Cheers.


  • The 40cm microwave ovens are great, love the size. I have yhe LG and while it is good, i miss being able to enter an exact time, you are restricted to two quick set times and if im reheating, one is too little and the other is too long. A small annoyance but enough that i would buy differently..

    • Yeah hence why I'm leaning towards the Kmart $99 microwave instead of a branded LG/Samsung equivalent.

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    Kmart will be to Australian Standards, so safety won't be an issue. Longevity will though

  • Why would you cook a chook or a roast in a microwave 🤮

    Are you sure you're not looking for a toaster oven? I used to have one, it was great for cooking a chook on rock salt or a casserole without having to heat up a whole oven.

    • If you cook such things in a toaster oven, what do you cook in regular oven?

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        Don't have the toaster oven anymore, but only used it for cakes/muffins/pies as the trays didn't fit, or if cooking for guests.

    • Sorry for the confusion. I meant we use our microwave to reheat a store bought Woolies roast chook leftovers, or the in-laws yummy roast.

  • Either K-mart $99 with warranty or HN $399 with excuses!

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