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Fairy Platinum Plus Dishwashing Tablets 140 Pack $68.94 ($62.05 S&S) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Tried these first time based on a deal mid 2021 (60% off) and wife is really happy with them. This 140pk, under S&S at Amazon is not as cheap as it works out 0.44c each Vs the 0.40c deal back then. But it's still miles off cheaper than coles, woolies and Big W.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Price matching Woolworths at $0.44/tablet. For those who prefer.

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    Black Friday deal was the 70 piece pack for $23.76 S+S (34c/tablet)

  • Haven't used this one yet, how does this one compare to finish?

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      I prefer Fairy. It's the dominant brand in the UK .

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        It has the Queens crest on it.

  • 10c is the max I can pay for a dish washer tablet……

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      I don't get why people don't use powder.

      I don't often see laundry tablets deals here, so I guess people prefer powder/liquid. Yet dishwashing tablets, expensive when compared to the powder, are pretty popular.

      • less messy, asthma, etc..?

        • Less messy? I pick the bottle, I click-open the lid, pour the powder, close the lid, close the compartment. I haven't heard about the asthma issue.

          More, you can dose powder, ie. you need the longer program for very greasy stuff, you add more powder; when you have eg. kitchen appliances that require merely a tad more than a rinse, you pour only a dash of powder.

          • @pizzaguy: same as other detergent powder I think, people tend to move to liquid or something else.

          • @pizzaguy: and those tablets all stick together. never again.

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        I use these ones because they work really well. Really should be trying out the powder though. Not long ago a 50 cent a day cost would have been substantial!

        • I obviously can't be sure what's in other people's dishwashers, but most of the times I could go withouth any detergent (ie. no powder, no tablet) and as long as the dishes are properly positioned and the water's hot (like 30-40 degrees), they'll turn out clean. I have very soft water which helps too.

  • https://www.catch.com.au/product/4-x-100pk-finish-powerball-... $68 for 400 tablets….

    Is Fairy that much better than Finish?

    • My wife hates the smell of the dishwasher after using these Fairy tablets. She prefers Finish.
      The equivalent Finish to these Fairy tablets are these https://www.catch.com.au/product/4-x-46pk-finish-quantum-ult...

      With regard to how they wash I reckon they are quite similar - thats my experience.

      • To me they all have a rank chemical smell to them.

      • What's the difference between the Finish (cheap version) and the Finish Quantum? Do they actually clean better, or smell better? (I only used the cheap stuff and I am happy with the results so far.)

      • My wife hates the smell of the dishwasher after using these Fairy tablets.

        Yep, they do have a strong chemical smell, and in some cases that smell is absorbed into plastics and silicone and then transferred to the food.

        The main problem is is that the detergent is just too strong for the 4 L rinse cycle that most modern dishwashers have. It simply isn't enough water to adequately dilute the remaining soap (that clings to the dishwasher walls and glasses and plates) during the wash cycle.

        I've solved the problem by cutting the tablets in half, putting half into the wash slot and half I to the prewash slot.

  • the plastic coating on top didnt quite dissolve in my dishwasher and after a few washes they combined and blocked my drain outlet. ive swapped back to the non plastic coated tablets.

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    Aldi platinum tablets available everyday
    @19c a tablet cheaper than Fairy/ finish and gives a similar if not better wash than more expensive tablets which go on special-

    ranked #1 by Choice and Canstar


    and this is how they tested

    canstar also ranks aldi platinum as #1, however theirs was a survey rather than a comparision study

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      We started using the Aldi Platinum tablets ($8/box) after someone posted that Choice article a while back…dishes are just as clean as when using Fairy Platinum. I'm convinced, and it saves a fortune.

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        Only trouble is the tablets are not nearly as soft, colourful and sexy as the competitors

        Not that we are meant to buy them for their looks

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          The fact they are less appetising than the competitors may just save some teenagers out there from Tiktok induced stupidity.

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