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[PS5] Far Cry 6 $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good price for this newly released game..

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  • +12

    Trash game, dont bother unless you like being disappointed every single year by Bugisoft.

    • +2

      It seems they managed to make one worse than 5, I'll buy this at around $20. The series died after 3 & 4 for me.

    • I actually liked this a LOT better then 5 - its more fun - nice setting, good gun play
      long time since i enjoyed far cry game more (only 3 is better)

      • +4

        The way they told the story in FC5 by randomly forcing you into story sequences while you are trying to freeroam was super annoying.

    • Have it on Ubisoft+ and can't be bothered playing it, after I played it for a couple of hours, trash is truely the word

  • +3

    Good price and really fun game. Not as good as 5 but still lots of hours of fun

  • I think it was $58.95 last week…😅

  • +6

    I reckon this will drop to sub $40 around xmas/boxing day sales.

    • I take your word for it and wait until it's under $40.. Still got a few games to pay. Not in a hurry to play new games(incompleted with full of bugs) these day.

    • Yep, was shocked back 4 blood dropped to $29 after a month! 😳

    • it will drop to $5 soon, as usual Ubi Games by 12 months

  • Price matching Big W & JB if you prefer.

  • +2

    $20 more for Gold Edition if you want Season Pass and Steelbook (https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08CVDBZ1C/)
    Season Pass comes with Far Cry Blood Dragon Classic Edition as well

    • +2

      The Gold Edition doesn't include a Steelbook. What you want is the GOLD SteelBook Edition, exclusive to JB (also $79).

  • +1

    I didn't mind it but far weaker than 4 & 5 - the addition of separate ammo types for specific enemies is a pain and the map isn't particularly compelling. Shooting is as good as ever though.

    • Sounds like a borderlands mechanic rip off.

  • +3

    Samsung have extended their Far Cry 6 (PC version only) promotion until 31/12/21 for anyone looking at buying a eligible SSD soon.

  • +4

    Just wait. Game will be $20 soon. Garbage.

  • +1

    My nephew, my brother and I played and loved 5 for like over a year. This one has been left to gather dust my nephew after a week. I haven't even bothered to play it. But hey people might like it.

    • +1

      yeah i played 30 min of 5 and was bored as, this one was so much more fun for me

      • +1

        Okay, so I guess the takeaway would be if you liked 5 you'll hate this, and if you hated 5 you'll like this? Sounds about right from what I've heard

        • +1

          i guess its each to their own, I liked original FC games and they were always set in tropical setting - maybe that has something to do with it, I never liked the fc5 setting and its religious villains

  • 2 and 3 are still the best.

  • Never seen so much screen tearing in my life. Something is wrong with Ubisoft's engine as it happened in Valhalla as well, though only in really crowded villages.

    • What kind of monitor/TV are you using? Also what console?

      • Lg cx with ps5

        • Did you have vsync turned on? I play Valhalla on the series X with vsync on and didn't experienced any tearing.

  • It was only in a specific dlc village for AC. But the whole game for fc6

    How do you turn it on?

    • Ingame settings? I can't remember but I'm running the game on a 144hz monitor. However Outriders from Square Enix has a lot of screen tearing.. I can't remember if there was an option for vsync on it.

  • Just started the game. Seems kinda fun so far. A bit blurry looking on the Series X though. Thought it would be sharper, especially considering how good AC Valhalla looks.

    • Blurry ike COD:Vanguard?

      • Haven't bothered with COD since MW2019. That one is razor sharp.

  • Price down to $54 now

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