Recommend Music/MP3 Player with Bluetooth for Kids

We have a bluetooth speaker my kids can connect to, and my oldest has some cheap bluetooth earphones to connect to.
So I'd like them to play music from their own "device" because I don't want to get them a Pad or Phone yet.
Can anyone recommend a music playing device that has bluetooth? Maybe something we can put an mp3 collection onto, or stick a USB into.
My concern is that the cheaper end of the scale is either going to be really difficult to use or just won't last very long. Thoughts?
Can anyone speak about these AGPTEK ones?


  • Cheap phone?
    edit : oh wait i didnt read your comment fully but still cheap phone is the way to go :)

    • thanks, yeah depending on the quality of other options, we might just do it

  • Give them a cheap phone, but with no internet/SIM? That would be easiest to use imo. Doesn't need to be expensive at all.

    • thanks, i didn't know that phones would work with no sim

      • Ask your friends or family members to see if they have any unused mobile phones. Doesn't even need to run Android / iOS.

        Many Nokia phones (S40, S60, Symbian) have Mp3 playback capability and (many) also work with Bluetooth earphones.

  • I understand the reluctance to give a device that can play apps etc. too.

    I’d likely go with an iPod nano or similar. They look like they start around $40 on ebay.

    • thank you i will investigate
      i just gooled and "the iPod nano 7th Gen adds H.264 video and Bluetooth 4.0 for use with Bluetooth-enabled headphones, speakers, and compatible car stereos. The iPod nano 6th Gen supports neither"
      so i will keep an eye on 7th gen

      • Sorry, I ignored your Bluetooth requirement because I’m a dill, because most of them don’t have it.
        If it helps, you can get little devices that plug into the headphone jack of any audio device that transmit Bluetooth, but they are a messy solution.

        The real problem is cheap MP3 players are all garbage. There are a couple of good quality players still in production (search for hi res music player) but they cost hundreds.

        Possibly try the Ones reviewed here:

    • It is possible to delete/disable most apps, disable the app store and just let it run off wifi. Just leave a homescreen with an mp3 player or Spotify Kids or whatever for them to use.

      But at that point a cheap mp3 player makes a lot more sense. Easier to use with big buttons as well.

  • This 'looks' nice, but the description tells me it's just going to be dodge:
    "Apostasi Portable Bluetooth MP3/4 Music Player, Sports Music Player 2.4'' Screen Built-in Speaker with Voice Recorder FM Hi-Fi Lossless Support Card, Metal Case"
    Price: $27.09
    "HiFi Lossless Sound Quality. This Bluetooth MP3 Player has passed the professional music laboratory test" :D
    "It adopts professional intelligent digital noise reduction chip ensuring high-qualified audio experience" :D
    "Large Storage Capacity— 8GB" :D
    "Bluetooth 4.0 means faster transmission speed, stable performance and high anti-jamming capability" :D

    • +2

      Under no circumstances would I buy a device with no reviews. 100% of cheap players are hot garbage, and you run the risk of getting one if you buy with no reviews.

      To elucidate, the cheap players batteries die in under an hour, you often can’t sort the songs, and the displays scroll slowly so it takes 10 seconds to read whether the song you are about to select is by the original artist or a cover version.
      The menus are flakey and hard to navigate and the controls feel bad.

      They are OK for playing the songs in order while plugged in, if you were in charge of the music in an elevator, but very dissatisfying to use for personal listening.

      • Thank you. The chance of wasting my money is high, and that is the last thing i want to do!

  • AGPTEK ones tend to have thousands of reviews, an actual webpage and seem fairly stock standard. I'd go with that at it seems they're one of the few dedicated mp3 player makes left these days that aren't targeting audiophiles.

  • I've got an Agptek player. Almost never use it. It's not intuitive. Not for me anyway.

    I use one of those cheap 1.8" screen ones you get on Aliexpress but I don't want Bluetooth. It's simple and easy and been going for years. Stick a micro SD card in it. Doesn't play FLAC. No worries. I'd buy another one but can't find the brand - Jinserta.

    Similar to this.

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