Air Regas Plus Sealant - Sydney North Shore

My aircon has a slow leak, which my mechanic regassed some time ago, but has now also leaked.
Before I pay the big $$$ for a full dashboard out repair, I want to get someone to do a mobile regas with sealant now, to hopefully get me through Christmas.

Does anybody have any recommendations ?



  • I don't think they work very well.

    You're better off trying to find the source of the leak and then fixing it.

    You can run a UV dye in the A/C system and then use a UV light to find any leaks. Not you, but the A/C repairer.

    • Yes, my mechanics AC specialist has previously done a regas with UV to identify leaks, but the solution was temporary.
      And, I've been quoted about $3k to get the dashboard out to access evaporator for a full diagnosis and repair.
      But everyone is too busy to take on the job….

      I'm looking for another temporary solution to get me through Christmas, until I can find someone with capacity to take on the full repair.

      There are lots of people on Facebook advertising cheap mobile regas services, but are they any good??
      A personal recommendation from OZB be good.

      I have also put a request on Service Seeking, which might give some more options.
      And failing that I can always go back to my mechanics air con AC specialist.
      But I would prefer a mobile service to come to me reduce the hassle.

  • Sealants are a temporary measure and may or may not work. They also can cause issues with blocking condensers and evaporators and compressors.

    And what car is it and what year? $3000 sounds like a lot as most dashes can be removed in about an hour or so. Evaporators are not that expensive unless they have to replace the whole HVAC box.

  • For a MY02 WRX, it is a lot of money.
    The AC specialists I spoke to earlier this year were pretty disinterested, as they already had so much work.

    In any case, I'm hoping a $100 regas will get me through the next few weeks.
    Then I'll chase up proper repair options again.
    Sometimes repairers who specialise in certain makes/models have optimised their procedures to minimise the labour to get at the AC components.
    So, if you have any tips for WRX AC repairers, let me know :-)

    If the sealant is likely to make things worse, I'll probably skip that and just get anotherregas.
    So, its just a matter of finding a reputable mobile regas service.

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