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NetGear XS508M 8-Port 10G Unmanged Network Switch $530 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


This Network switch is normally around $950 to $999 from local dealers like Scorptec, cplonline, etc.


Stock Expected on 09/12/2021

About this item

100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G RJ-45 copper ports : 7
10G SFP+ ports : 1 x 10G/1G SFP+ and Copper (combo)
Form Factor : Desktop/Rackmount

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • in 3 years, this will be 80 bux.

    • +7

      I have being waiting 10yrs for 10Gbps switch to drop in price, guess what? it hasn't.

      • Be more patient. I remember when a single 10Mb thin-ethernet card cost that much :-)

  • not bad for a 10 port 10G switch but netgear….

    • Should be pretty bullet proof.

      I really haven't found any dodgy switches from any provider. Even Chinese no namers seem to be super stable and reliable.

      Routers are another story.

      Most switches don't really rely on software much (weakest point as per routers) and it's mostly done in hardware (asic). Since there's only a handful of asic providers, you can be pretty sure it'll work just like a $50k Cisco switch without the fancy features and nice gui/cli.

      Considering this is unmanaged, it'll probably run reliably till 10G is obselete :)

  • +1

    Basically a value core switch. Probably a fairly small market for this, but I guess there may be one!

    Unmanaged is a bit odd but.

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      this ^^^

      all that switching speed and yet who knows whats going on under the hood?

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      Unmanaged makes zero sense. Who runs a 10G network and doesn't have at least a few different subnets and VLANs.

      • +3

        Power home users maybe? Their NAS and desktops can be on the same network, no need for subnets or VLANs.
        Or even a small office where video or graphics editors want to edit off the server.

        • If a video editor uses multi-Gb, you are doing it wrong.
          The only video that needs that bandwidth is the HDMI cable :-)

          • +1

            @manic: You missed the 's'. :)

          • @manic: Distributed computing, plus mounting the drive with dataset benefits a lot from 10G networking.

  • just get used enterprise switchs on ebay :D they are far better and the most likely woudl have cost 10,000 bucks or more a pop brand new back in the day lol.

    • While I generally agree that used Arista or Juniper can be found for good money and always a better option than Netgear, but enterprise switches don't have this: 2.5G/5G

      • Because you buy hardware for your use case, in this case a 10G network. I've never seen a corporate network that wasn't 1G, 10G or 40G.

        • There's lots of new laptops with 2.5Gb ports and much less with 10Gbit, so yes, if you plan to use it at home and want just one switch you absolutely need 1/2.5/5/10Gbit. That's why enterprise switches at home might not be a good idea.

    • I agree. Got a cisco 8 port 10gb RJ45 and 8 port sfp+ managed layer 3 for $500

      • Where? Do you mean the Linksys crap? It's just as bad as this.

        • SG500XG-8F8T off eBay

          • @kingmoron: Yeh, that's a Linksys switch with a Cisco logo.

            Won't be much better than this switch.

            Also, it's literally 3 times the price as this, even on ebay for a used one.

            • @sabaramo: why do you say its a linksys switch? this one is much higher because its 16 ports and its a managed layer 3 switch, they dont come cheap

  • +1

    Managed would have been amazing.

  • Come on Unifi release a multi-gig switch…
    BTW, pretty good price.. the things are so expensive

  • Wow, I literally was looking at this earlier today!

    One of the reasons I excluded any 8 port from my list was that they require fans, creating noise. In this case it'll run at 22.5dBA for 25c…

    I'm hoping for a fanless execution akin to a Netgear XS505M or TP-Link TL-SX105 .. yes it's only 5 port but suits my unmanaged, PoE-less implementation fine.

    If anyone finds any deals on multi-gig (2.5/5/10) let me know!

    • QNAP QSW-308-1C as an fanless affordable option, but only 3 10G ports, two of them SFP+

  • I only came in here to figure out what unmanged means

    • Very sober, I suppose.

    • It means you can't configure it. It's basically turn on and plug in.

  • I have had one of these running my house for about two years or so. Seems to go well. Its unmanaged, but when you're running 10G in a domestic / family environment, who cares.

    • How loud is it?

      • I wired the house through the walls and under the floor, so the switch is somewhere unobtrusive. I only have it at night if I'm in a room near it and listen very carefully. Otherwise I don't hear it at all.

  • +1


    8x10gbe l3 image managed switch. OS is simlilar to cisco.

    Few available if you search, for around the same price as the OPs.

    Easy to get a license file.

    10gbe home networking rocks.

    • Watch out for AVR54 bug if it has Atom CPU.

      • It can do raid0 location…:-)

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