Who can I contact to inspect my carpets

Hi all, can someone kindly advise me who is a right person to contact to inspect carpets please?

My unit got flooded last weekend and multiple blowers and dehumidifiers have been going in my unit so far. Many of my friends advised me to replace the carpets as it could cause mould even after drying process.

In order to get compensation from the unit above mine I think I need a report from a professional.

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So I can use the report for QCAT or the court if I need in the future

When a builder came he told me he open inspects building itself not contents and advised me to carpet company like Andersons? Any suggestions??


  • Get carpet court to quote on new carpets and while they are there ask them your question.

    • Thanks for your comment MS Paint. Guess I could try that too!

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    A carpet inspector? (go google it)

    Carpet Inspections
    We are certified Senior Carpet Inspectors with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

    Now TIL.

    • Thank you! Silly me… 🥲🥲

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      I'm a carpet inspector. But not these carpets.

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      • Only check to see if they match the drapes?

  • I agree with your friends. Just replace it.

    Did a flexible water hose burst?

    • A lovely tenant living above mine got drunk, fell asleep during a shower and flooded my unit 🤬🤬

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        Lol that's cooked! Sorry to hear!

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  • 🎶 Call Call Carpet Call The experts in the trade 🎶

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