What is the cheapest place to buy 'specialty' lights?

I've been putting it off for years, but all 'specialty' lights are now out of action:

1) fridge light
2) Stove vent light
3) Oven light
4) Downlights

Am wondering what the best 'bang for your buck' shop is which has a wide variety of these sorts of lights?
I thought Bunnings but does anyone know where it might be cheaper?



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    1/2/3 Bunnings.

    4/ depends what you’re after but maybe Bunnings too? Otherwise you can fall down the rabbit hole of electrical wholesalers. Price is anywhere from $5 up to $500 depending on what your actual requirements are.

    • thanks. bunnings it is!

  • I think you're going to have to be more specific with the type of globes you need. They're not all the same. Some will be available at your local supermarket, some at Bunnings and if you can't find the specific ones or it's not a common type, then you might have to go back to the manufacturer.

  • pull them out, google it, bunnings or jaycar if bunnings don't have it

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