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Hot Wheels Mainline Basic Cars - $1 ea (50% off) + Postage (Free Over $65 Spend/C&C/In-Store) @ Kmart


Happened to be down at the local Kmart today and noticed that Hot Wheels mainlines are currently half price. Great for stocking fillers, rewarding kids without suffering the backlash of a short-lived sugar-rush or if (like me) you buy them for yourself using your children as an excuse because you can’t afford the real thing.

As an added bonus, stock at stores (including my local at Kmart Camberwell) includes the new 2022 mainline releases but YMMV. Full racks of stock now after a few lean months due to CoVID.

Nothing much more to say really other than from my experience, there aren’t too many quality $1 toys that will stand the test of time like these!

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    Buying 65 to get free postage!

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      may as well get an extra 4 for good luck

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      I hope you don't get my left overs all generic crap and no car models hehe :)

      • Order 72 and hope for a sealed case/carton. 🙂

        • Most of those cartons stay sealed for all of 5 seconds after theyve come off the back of the truck unfortunately.

  • Is there a website to see what models of a car are made by which brand (e.g. Hotwheels, Matchbox, etc.) I'm looking for a pre-2010 Honda Civic!

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      The 2021 mainline series had a couple - all are here in one poster - https://play.hotwheels.com/en-us/Images/HW_Poster_WAVE_4_202...

      There’s a ‘99 EK hatch and coupe in there but I know they were fairly sought after so you might have to try a collectors group on Facebook or marketplace/fleabay if you’re desperate or short on time. Alternatively wait a few months as I believe that they are continuing the EK hatch in 2022.

      Otherwise I believe that Matchbox also had a Civic in there somewhere last year too (they are both owned by Mattel anyway) but I think it was a later model than the one you’re after.

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        I didn't realize the Nissan leaf was electric .
        About the only peg warmer in Nissan .

        • +2

          The new one can power your house too!

    • Takara Tomy made an FD2R but it looks like it's long since out of production :(

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    There's videos of people leaving Hot Wheels toy for owner of the same car and filming their reaction.

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    trouble from Kmart's click and collect, is depending on who is on the floor, you could get multiples of the same
    at the height of the pandemic ordered three jigsaw puzzles each costing $10 (could not chose the image, but there were at least six different)
    I got three copies of the same- the person fulfilling the order must have had a wicked sense of humour :)

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      Or just a miserable retail employee who doesn't care. I wouldn't want to be a retail employee, particularly during the pandemic

  • +1

    Metal Machines are always $1

    Good for something different

    Tried them on our Hot Wheels sets and they work fine good quality


    • Diasagree about the quality. I have Hot Wheels from the 80's that are still good. Metal Machines feel cheap to me and the only one I've had was broken.

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    A local op shop has 3 for $1 (toy cars in general but lots of hot wheels brand ones). I get my kids ones from there. They are also a convenient size to put in a bag to entertain toddlers when out and about. Good for stocking fillers.

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    If any OzB's are looking for a cheap minitures game to get into I can recommend Gaslands. It uses Hot Wheels cars (or whatever you have kicking around) photocopied templates for movement, fist-fulls of custom dice (or a lookup table, or make your own origami dice) for a Mad Max style deathrace. Customising the cars is a big part of it. I got it to table originally for cheap, but of course have now spent money on a hardcover of the ruleset, laser cut templates and dice, etc, etc etc…

    Gaslands Refuelled - BGG

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    Pity the modern Hot Wheels are plastic fantastic. Miss the touches like opening doors, bonnets you used to get with Matchbox and HW.

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      The lead paint was tasty too! /s

    • Yep I noticed that the ones I picked up at the op shop didn’t have opening doors. That was definitely part of the fun. The most recent ones I bought were metal but with a plastic base.

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    I prefer matchbox cars made of metal…

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      The chassis base plates may be plastic, but the bodies are still cast metal.

  • I just picked up 20 C&C and happy to say I got a nice variety of cars which will keep me busy on the weekend

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    None at my local Kmart… None!

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