After sales options for Hyundai i30 Elite sedan

Need one suggestion guys.. I'm planning to buy Hyundai i30 elite sedan in few days. For the after sales add-ons, I think this would be with any dealer you go for..are any of these following worth it? Would love to hear experiences…

The pack includes:

· Front and Rear Dash cams + Battery pack (RRP $1695- 5 years Warranty)
o Recordings has been taken into consideration by insurance companies as they establish clear evidence of a scenery.

· Williams Formula 1 Package (RRP: $2695) – Lifetime Warranty + Darkest Legal Tint Included.
o We coat the Exterior paint and rims of your vehicle with Ceramic Paint Protection – this bonds chemically with the factory paint and alloys to create a layer of protection. This will prevent dirt, grime, traffic pollutants and everyday weathering from affecting your paintwork. The benefit to you is a car that aesthetically remains closer to factory condition for longer.
o We coat the Interior fabrics (cloth/leather) and trim (plastic/vinyl) to resist dirt and spillage, the benefit being it’s easier to keep it clean and in factory condition.

· Schmick Scratch & Dent Programme ($399 Per Year – or $1695 5 Year Membership Upfront)
o Once off payment which grants you membership; they will send a mobile repairer if you have scratches or dents on your body panels or wheels. The repair costs are only $50 per repair after the once off membership payment. More information available in-store.



  • Front and Rear Dash cams are 100% worth getting but not sure I would get their $1,700 system. I'm sure there's far cheaper & better options. Unless there's something particularly fancy about it that's cleanly installed and wired into car functions/infotainment system then might bite the bullet.

    For the paint protection, it's subjective. For me, it's a Hyundai, who cares about the exterior in 5 years time. Not worth spending over 4 grand on it. The interior is a $20 spray from Supercheap/Repco.

    • hyundai should be offering paint rust perforation type body protection anyway and hyundai kias GENERALLY do not have paint issues, unlike say Teslas.

      If you pay for a hand car wash every fortnight your car is 99% there anyway.

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        Look at cars that have had a year's worth of paid washes and you'll see completely shit-house paint and swirl marks. Those guys drop their rags daily and just pick them back up and continue wiping your car with all the embedded sand

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    All of these are basically available outside of official channels at 1/5th of the cost. Eg dash cams you can get done for 300-400 installed. The so called 5-year warranty is really just you paying for them to install new one if it breaks. Same goes for ceramic coating and tint which can be done for under $1000 easily.

    All of these prices are ridiculous and you should source them separately.

    • Thanks..for dasham, the representative said if I go ahead with any other dashcam and if there is an electrical issue with the car, my warranty will be void as I've not got it installed via Hyundai.

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        They would need to prove the dashcam was the cause of the fault. They're simple devices, I've installed a dozen or so of them myself. Even then the whole vehicle warranty wouldn't be void, only the parts that were effected which admittedly can be expensive when it's electronics.

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        He is a straight up liar.

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        my warranty will be void as I've not got it installed via Hyundai.

        Typical stealership BS.

        If you are confident you can install one yourself, if not an Autolec will be happy to spend a couple of hours installing one for you for a couple of hundred dollars (less for cashie).

        It will not void your vehicle's warranty if done properly.

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    Dealerships are called stealership for a reason. Holly crap dash cam installed for nearly $1700. Never heard that much before.

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    I'd never drive without a dash cam these days but keep in mind you're paying a premium for it via the dealership. Most seem to be a selling a dealer only Thinkware unit now which is a 2k front camera. It's not a bad unit but you're paying full retail plus $700 for the 1 hour install. You can get better for less.

    Ceramic coatings I'm not a fan of. They don't stop scratches, stone chips or dents like many claim. They offer no benefit over normal waxes and sealants other than they last longer so it depends on how lazy you are. Tint is absolutely necessary but again, you'll get cheaper elsewhere. Interior treatment is a complete scam. If they do anything at all it'll be the same thing you can DIY for $30.

    Scratch and dent program is again a scam. You're paying way above retail and upfront for the repairs.

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    You must be new here.

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    Bear in mind that the 'Williams Formula 1 package' may well be applied not in the dealer's workshop but by a nearby aftermarket third-party company. So it is unlikely that nothing that will be done could not be done for you, and for less money, after you buy the car.
    And the package is priced on the notion that at least half that money will be paid in royalties to an F1 team (and in this case, one that is owned by a private equity firm).

  • Unless the stealership throws any of those options in for free, get them after you pick up the car, from a third party.

    An Autolec will install the dash cams for $200 max if you supply them. Get a Viofo, often available through OzB as a deal.

    Tinting will cost a fraction of what a stealership charges you, get it from a window tinter. That's all the stealership will do.

    Paint protection, meh. Polish the car a couple of times a year, just as good.

    Scratch & Dent. Can't see any value in it.

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    Ned Kelly road a horse, but the stellerships ride options that are 10x the price you can get elsewhere and say it's the best.

    Go into a SuperCheap Auto store and ask what the equivalent of each of the items cost and where you can get the items installed or put on your car when you get it in 6+ months.

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    I tinted my mazda 3 at "Tint a Car" for $360 for all windows using the darkest legal tint with a lifetime warranty.

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    Just to repeat. No. Don’t do any of them from the dealer

    It’s a Hyundai, not a Ferrari. Those extras will be worth less than $100 when you sell it.
    All could be done for $1k elsewhere after you pick it up.
    The dent insurance is a straight up rort. You might use it once, but effort and your waning interest in the car will mean you won’t bother after the first 6 months.

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