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[PC, Epic] Free - Prison Architect & Godfall Challenger Edition @ Epic Games (10/12 - 17/12)


Next week’s freebie/s from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 3am AEDT.

This week’s freebies- Dead by Daylight & While True: Learn ().

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    For those unaware, Godfall Challenger Edition is not a demo as everyone is trashing it online. It provides you a maxed out character to join friends in the endgame content which is what everyone plays nowadays.

    It does not include the campaign but this is basically a tutorial to grind you through the process to max out character that doesn't have much of a story to it really.

    So it defies the whole point of looter progression in a game, but isn't really a "demo". It's straight to endgame content.

    Having said that, once the initial gloss of the pretty graphics wears off, it's still a rather repetitive mediocre game.

    Announcement trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS6PVLwX590

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      The aesthetics of Godfall looks interesting, reminds me of Dark Alliance

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        I keep reading it as "Goofball". Walking dead telltales reference anyone?

    • It's enough to benchmark and about as much of the game anyone would actually play anyhow.

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      I see this game referenced as "Godawful", looks like it has an interesting aesthetic, but terrible and repetitive gameplay and story.

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      But then what happens about trying to learn the game and the mechanics? If the story is so short and forgettable, why not just include it then? Why spend development time on making a new edition just to cut out the story?

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        I suppose they want people to get into the endgame content straight away, and not give up half-way through the campaign, so they can sell them more DLC expansions packs and stuff down the line.

        Can't do that if people give up the game after 4 hours of campaign boredom especially since it's free.

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    Epic: (profanity) Sony and PS plus subscribers. We're giving this away free

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      Good guy Epic.

  • for some reason i thought godfall was a ps5 exclusive

    • Used to be a time limited exclusive.

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        I think it was always on epic too. Like bugsnax. But bugsnax is better

        • +1

          wait bugsnax is on epic too? now way lol

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    This makes Dec PS+ look even worse.

    • +6

      Yep. Sony are dodgy af.

  • looking forward to prison architect

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    What happened to all those people hating on Epic when they first came out for getting those exclusives? I wonder if they are still refusing to use the service like they originally claimed.

    • +20

      I've claimed most of the freebies but still haven't purchased a thing.

      • +6

        If I didn't know better, I would say Epic is building up a client book before selling off the platform to venture capitalists

      • I was also told several times by people they wouldn't use their platform. They seem pretty popular here.

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        Feels like being on epic welfare. All handouts, no tax

    • +2

      Honestly I still haven't installed any of their games. I have however claimed everything.

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    Prison Architect was previously free on GOG back in mid December 2020.

    • Yeah I grabbed it then, but haven't played it yet, been a touch reluctant to be an evil warden. Maybe time to give it a try. I think on gog it has a free expansion too.

      Thoughts on prison architect?

      • +1

        If you enjoy a management type sim with fun building aspects its a great game. You dont have to build the electric chair

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    OMG! Epic Store has a shopping cart now!

    • +2

      Nice. Just noticed that. Now you can add multiple items to cart and checkout in one transaction. Or buy multiple cheaper items to meet minimum discount coupon spend requirements. Introducing the Epic Games Store Shopping Cart

      • I see that after claiming the free Godfall Champion Edition, all of the paid versions have become "unavailable". Wish Epic would fix this bug. So funny that people who enjoy the free one can't upgrade to the edition with the expansion though. Are Epic even trying to make a sale?

  • Always wanted to try Prison Architect, will give it a whirl.

  • Godfall "Lite" Edition with campaign removed, what a joke.

  • It shows a free add-on for Prison Architect but the link is 404. Maybe someone can find the correct link?

  • Cheers!

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