Can't Buy from Kogan- Sign in Never Sends Code, No Other Way to Contact?

I swear I'd never shop here again, but they have something that I cannot find elsewhere. I'm an existing customer, so I sign-in w/email & PW, and it says it doesn't recognize my device (even though it's the same computer as last time I purchased) & says it will send a 4 digit code to my email, which never arrives. WTaF is it with these places?

Has anyone else hit this particular wall with them and do they have any reps here by any chance? The item says low stock and I literally can't order it.

Thanks all.

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    What did they say when you contact them?

    • I can't. Any attempt to contact leads to the emailed code which never arrives.

      • You can't even contact them about logging in. What chance do people have when you need to contact them about your order or for warranty? Good luck!

  • Try mobile browser?

    • I've never logged in with my phone, which means exactly the same thing will occur— they'll say they'll send a code to my email, which won't be sent. I wonder how many other people have this issue and simply cannot purchase from them. It's nuts.

  • Just make a new account? Use a temp email then you won't get bombarded with spam

  • Don't worry you're not alone. Their recover password feature is cooked and they haven't done anything about it for like 4 months now.

    Resorted to giving their facebook messenger a serve and finally got a result after multiple messages (the emails you send to their help desk disappear into a black hole.) they had to manually send through a recover password email to my account.

    If enough people spam their email account regarding it maybe they'll do something.
    But then again it's kogan so don't get your hopes up.

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    Take it as a sign to never shop there again…

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    Lol, this is OzB. Sign up a new account with Kogan every single order for free Kogan First trials. Never reuse an account.

  • Take it as an omen….. and move on

  • Try [email protected]. Or like what Drakesy said, message them on facebook messenger.

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