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[VIC] Gigabyte Z590 AORUS Master LGA1200 ATX Motherboard $199 Pickup Only @ Centre Com


I took one look at this beast and thought "This thing is built like a modern day war tank". But admittedly I'm not really sure if it's any good. Community can let us newbies all know.

In terms of price though, I figured it may be of interest to some given that it's the lowest price I could find via Google, partpicker-au and statice, and it's cracked the sub-$200 mark. I've been looking at a lot of motherboards in the $150-$200 bracket, and this stood out to me purely based on how it looks. But is it a good deal? Again, I'm sure the community will let me know if it's any good or not. Surcharge applies for select payment methods.

Stay well.


"Free Shipping
Free standard delivery on online orders over $79 in value.

Conditions apply:
May not be available to some rural/outer areas.
May exclude some high-volume products.
Excludes Star Track & Express options.
Online orders only."

Edit 23/12: in-store only now.

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  • +4

    This is a very high quality board compatible with 11th and 10th Gen Intel CPUs only. 11th Gen was such a disgrace compared to 10th Gen and 12th Gen that they many retailers seem to be dumping high quality Z590 boards at bargain prices. In contrast even relatively low end Z690 boards (for 12th Gen Intel) seem to retailing for $100 more than this one.

    You can use 10th Gen CPUs in these boards but will lose the 1st NVMe m.2 slot that is wired for PCIE 4.0

    • Thanks for your thorough feedback. Are all 11th gen Intel CPUs thrash then? Or if you had to pick one, what would you recommend? Thanks in advance friend!

      • +2

        11th Gen CPUs were extremely poor value on launch and barely offered any significant performance improvements overall compared to 10th Gen (the i9-11900K even had 2 fewer cores compared to the i9-10900K and therefore had worse multicore performance).

        Briefly looking at PC stores just then reveals that 11th gen prices remain disgustingly inflated. The i5 models were the only ones that offered a decent boost in performance over the 10th gen versions but the value proposition still isn't great (The i5-11600KF still seems to be stuck at $380, which is ridiculous). The i5-11400F was probably the best value CPU of 11th Gen but this board is absolute overkill for such a locked CPU. But then again, this high-end Z590 board is retailing for less than $100 more than cheapo B series boards so it isn't a totally unreasonable combination price-wise

        • Your wisdom is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your reply!

        • Anything over an 11400 is a heat trap anyway with that 125w PL1. Overclocking an already hot processor is pointless with such small gains in metrics.

  • +1

    Wow, this is an incredible find. I was looking for a Z590 board and to find one with 10G LAN for under $200 is a steal.

  • -2

    Supports 11th and 10th Gen Intel® Core™ Series Processors

    Yuk..No thank you

    At least with ryzen you still get Zen 3D as an upgrade.
    Intel really likes pumping out new boards with every CPU release even though like AMD.. most of the interconects are intergrated into the CPU.

  • +6

    Whilst 10 and 11th Gen CPUs are poor value right now, they're still going to drop when 12th Gen are readily available. Sure they'll be performing on another level but you can bet your ass they'll be charging for it too.

    This is still good for all those that have old gear and can wait for 11gen to drop, grab $100 16gb ddr4
    and similar priced nvme, and you're still better off. I think it's about time I retired my 3770,b75m,4gb, 1050 OC 2gb ole faithful.

    This mobo
    11400 or 11600k in time
    gen4 nvme, gen3 nvme
    recycle GPU till they come back down to earth.

    And now be ready for win11 recycling the retail keys used from win7…

    Now gen 11 is making sense. At least for me or anyone in a similar situation or needs.

    • +2

      I think we had some great deals in the past few days.
      11400 was 220-240 tray and retail.
      Monos Aorus elite 108 B560 and now the z are on sale too.
      16gb ram 75-99 average

      • +1

        Yeah I've been in two minds, get on some of those deals, or wait for Jan-Feb 22 for deals after 12th gen push. This mobo is my tipping point for me, WiFi 6E full featured, lots to like.

        Hell, yesterday I was going to go an MSI b560 mortar wifi for $185, not now.

        • +1

          My point exactly, Ive seen boards like the MSI B560 mortar for close to the price of the board in this post. so made me think that prices are dropping, and this may be one of the first examples of other boards following suit.

      • +1

        I didn't get the absolutely cheapest prices but I still managed i5-11400 for $231, Gigabyte Z590M for $119 and 32GB Crucial DDR4 3200 for $150 over the last week. Decent upgrade on my old PC for $500.

    • This motherboard would typically be massive overkill for an i5 11400, but at this price with these features. It may just make sense.

    • So much cash to upgrade now, Especially when my 3770 is still trucking along so nicely after all these years….

  • I hate it that Intel boards are largely incompatible between generations of CPU.

    • Not everone can be AMD.

  • +1

    High5 you should state that delivery has limitations, it is clearly stated where the limitations are, I'm fine with that, FNQ was just under $20.

    A ripper deal I couldn't pass on.

    • +1

      I've taken your feedback and made the necessary edit to my post. Bless you and stay well friend. :)

      • +1

        lol you amended it just as I posted, good man.

        Thanks for heads-up on this deal, looks like I'm going 11th Gen now. A far cry from an i7 3770. Merry Xmass…

        • Marry Xmas!! Many happy hours on your new rig!

  • +1

    Pretty good price for a board with 10gbe and 3 nvme. I got the aorus pro a month ago for 199 plus delivery.

    Apparently with these z%90 boards you can overclock the non-K cpu versions (locked multiplier), if thats desirable.

    • Ohhhh there's a new fact I've learned !

    • Wait what this doesn't seem right.

      With Z590 boards (except Asrock) the power limiter is removed by default, so yes you get a boost (Intel's turbo boost) up to 4.4Ghz/4.2Ghz for i5-11400 for example (base clock is 2.6Ghz). Your TDP will increase to ~200W though which is just ridiculous.

      So rather than overclocking beyond specifications by setting the clock speed, you are just moving inside Intel's specification by changing your power consumption up and down.

      • waiting for it…

        I mean if you really want to over clock then get a K but you can get a decent increase by changing the 65w default limit. K version runs at 125W doesn't it?



        • Nah I was mainly saying that framing non-K CPUs as overclockable is not exactly correct.

          Totally agree with you on the lack of value in K CPUs atm. I already got a 11400 for $225 which is the same price as a i5-3550 in 2012, it was a good deal.

          Thought originally that a tower cooler for the 11400 was going overboard but glad that I ordered one after checking the boost TDP lol.

          • @tekisei: All good mate. I have a few non-k's i run as a virtual environment. I run them as standard as i rarely need the mhz but can reboot in to bios and crank it up if workloads ever need it.

            Yes they can run hot. I put a couple of mid ranged artic fan coolers on them. Hope i don't need more than that 👍🏻

  • +1

    I'm using an X570 with Ryzen CPU and can attest that this board series are quality. No regrets

  • +1

    This is a cracking board for any 10th or 11th Gen board. Paid over $500 for this board aboput 6 months ago. I use it my gaming PC & I can vouch it is great board. Make sure you grab an 11th Gen CPU as I can confirm you do lose one NVME slot when using a 10th Gen CPU. A 11700 or 11700K is a good choice for this board, which will run pretty much as good a 10900K of close enough to it.

    • Great feedback, appreciate the suggestion if the 11700! I'll keep a look out

    • +1

      Which NVMe slot do you lose - top, middle or bottom????

      • +1

        I have read that it is the top.

      • I can confirm it is the top one. Currently cannot run x 3 NVME's with a i9-10900K :-(

  • +1

    Was just delivered and boy am I super excited, ram also came last week from shopping express and another 16gb pair from bpc tech today, just need a sale on 11th gen cpus and the nvme to arr8ve and I'm almost done.

    • Nice! I regret not buying the board myself! Too stubborn thinking about AMD. Should have just pulled the trigger. They caught on and changed the price.

  • +1

    I have you to thank, I was so close to the Gb B560 Aorus Pro for the same price, but wifi 6E on this is a he'll yes.

  • +1

    This mobo is gorgeous, it's the heaviest mobo I've ever held, comes with a sheet of stickers and in the fold out user guide, not the user booklet, is a bloody Aorus badge, noice!!!

    Middle son is jealous af.

    Still waiting patiently for 11th gen cpus to go on sale.

    • Very nice

  • PLE not price matching because it is too low for them to follow.

    • Must mean it's a good price! Plus also all the stock that was available when this deal first came online is now almost all gone. Plus plus the $199 price disappeared after like only a few days, but now it's back!! So thanks for your reply, Ive reactivated the deal for now.

      • Any stock can purchase online? No stock at all

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