[AMA] Tomorrow I'm flying Singapore Airlines Business Class from BCN to MEL for 50€ thanks to OzBargain

Yep, it's me again! You might remember me from similarly awful posts, including this one from July

This time, it's thanks to 150K KrisFlyer points which I was able to accrue thanks primarily to this wonderful OzBargain hack. Additionally I topped it up with some bonus points from another free Citibank card which I churned earlier in the year.

Happily Singapore Airlines charges much lower redemption "taxes" than Qantas does, so I only had to pay 50€ on top of the free points.

As usual I'll be posting pics on Instagram

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    What's the plan if the govt shut the border for a few months or Singapore go into lockdown for a long duration because of lolmicron?

    have a good time mate

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      He has his Citibank card, and his Instagram, to support him

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        I agree on this. When even our own states are shutting borders, it would be madness to try and travel now.

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          Madness to fly into northern hemisphere winter.

          Having lived in Europe, in December and Jan I'd fly to places like Gibraltar / Sicily which is the very southern tip of Europe as you can get and during the day it might be t-shirt weather but nights would still be chilly. Even in Sicily further up Mt Edna there will still be snow.

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      Ermm.. go somewhere else if that happens?

  • Whats BCN?

    • Barcelona

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        Careful you might run into Manuel or Bazil..

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    Have you been wearing a mask during your time in Europe?

    • Not that much. Probably similar to Melbourne right now I guess. Depends on where; in Serbia for example I hardly used it at all.

  • How did you get to BCN?

    • Ignore, I just saw your other post.

      Do you think you'll be disappointed, having been in first class?

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        Well it certainly won't compare to Emirates first class, but I have slummed it in biz before so I guess I will cope :-)

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      They are everywhere. Boating Camping Netting, it's BCNing fun

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    Nice mate enjoyed the updates last time, have a good flight !

  • Enjoy the flight.

    To your knowledge, did you get COVID whilst in Europe asymptotic or otherwise?

    I know you were vaccinated, just curious as a lot of people say “everyone in Europe has had COVID”, and that you still sometimes feel sick if vaccinated.

    • Not to my knowledge, no. But as you say it is often asymptomatic, so can't know for sure.

  • Also what did you get up to in Europe?

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      Eating, drinking and cycling mostly. Catching up with friends and family in various places.

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    Try not to breathe on the plane and it'll be fine.

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    Bloke from France office flew in last Sunday… All clear when he got on flight, landed and hes now in quarantine in Melb after showing symptoms..

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    Enjoy your holiday OP and disregard the naysayers! YOLO.

  • cant believe I didnt see this citibank payall "hack"

    good to see its valid from april 2021 to october 2022. time to get on the train, CHOO CHOO

  • Did you have to compromise on departure date and departure city in order to get a business class seat?

    • Yeah it always requires flexibility. BCN or MXP were my preferred departure cities and managed to get it on the day I wanted in the end. Took some stuffing around though.

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