Most Seller on eBay Uses Aramex/Fastway/Courier Please Now?

I bought a few things from eBay this Black Friday…and I noticed most of the sellers are using Aramex/Fastway/Courier Please even though their delivery page show they are being delivered by AusPost. I'm actually extremely annoyed by this, because chances are, I'm not going to see the packages and will spend time chasing this up. I only buy from eBayPlus sellers too, and sellers with 97+ reviews, and over 10000 reviews.

Anyone else noticed this trend with eBay sellers?

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    I only buy from eBayPlus sellers too, and sellers with 97+ reviews

    Oddly specific

    It's probably Australia Post outsourcing to recover from back log.

    I'm actually extremely annoyed by this

    Don't let it wreck your day.

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      because I don't want dodgy sellers, which is going to cause a huge headache for big purchases. Thats why I join eBay plus too.

      I noticed everything that can't fit in a letter envelop are being delivered by Aramex/Fastway/Courier Please

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    Sendle is cheaper than australia post - particularly for small satchels and they don’t have a weight limit. Sendle use the couriers you listed to deliver the goods.

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      That makes sense. I recall a recent ebay offer of 50% off using sendle.

    • Sendle are very unreliable
      Lost parcels complaints
      late deliveries complaints
      delivered to wrong address complaints

      Absolutely the worst

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    My standard note to seller is now "Fastway/Aramex do not deliver to our house".
    It is the truth, we are 'outside their delivery zone', but because of a shared suburb name/postcode they allow senders to dispatch items then let it sit in depot until we chase them. I know they need to draw a line somewhere, but we are 500m away from regular density housing.
    luckily have not had a fastmex delivery since adding the note to seller.
    I too pick only sellers with Aus Post in description or images. With all the aus post delays, we have one parcel that has been 'stuck', otherwise timeframes are usually a week which is normal for us

    • I'm in the range of metro. But I had no idea that eBay sellers are starting to use these companies more, my experience even 3 month ago was mostly with AusPost. For me this was recent thing. I'm going to start leaving notes to eBay sellers too. I'm annoyed because my purchase decision was based on the AusPost delivery as advertised.

      the Aramex/Fastway delivery guy in my area can't be assed to do anything, and leave my package in public walkways because they can't be bothered to go up a couple of steps up. They don't even ring the door bell anymore. I need to constantly refresh the Aramex tracking website to see when it gets delivered.

  • Anyone else noticed this trend with eBay sellers?

    No, I don't shop through eBay, unless they are "major" brand stores. Such as Sony, Microsoft, TGG…

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      Ebay has certainly lost its appeal since it began… but so many people for some reason see it as their first port of call when looking to get scammed… I mean looking for prices.

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    Aramex worst company ever in history. Should not exist…

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      Well, THAT's the absolute truth! Bunch of lazy-ass incompetents.

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    As someone who sells on eBay to the tune of 20-30 parcels a day i can tell you AusPost is not a viable option anymore
    They raised their prices back in September,
    In October they introduced a new scanning system that automatically charges you more (billed to your my biz account) if you weights or measurements are out by even a fraction

    It costs $9.00 - $12.00 to send 600 grams with Aus post (depending on Post Code)
    You can send that same 600 grams with Sendle/TransDirect which uses CP and Amarex for $6-$7

    On my listings i offer free shipping but i have added an option for Australia Post if the buyer wants it, they have to pay the differnece.

    on a side note, Couriers Please is actually improving. Used them under protest as the AP costs were getting out of hand and i have been very impressed with the quality of their service of late.
    Amarex on the other hand… still rubbish

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      if you list it thats fine with me.
      I find it annoying that they would list AusPost under free shipping but send by Aramex. I rather pay the difference, then spend 2+ weeks chasing it up.

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      Sendle isn't always that cheap, the second someone doesn't live in a city the price jumps to $17.65 for 500g vs the standard $9.30 for Australia Post.

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      Curious as to what eBay considers express postage for their Plus free Express Parcel Delivery? Just had one sent Parcel Post and I don't consider that express.

      • Exactly, I had a purchase with "free express post", took over a week with Aramex instead. Wtf

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      As someone who sells on eBay to the tune of 20-30 parcels a day i can tell you AusPost is not a viable option anymore

      Check what rate you're on. I recently engaged startrak and most of the parcels I'm sending are same price as sendle and get there without being lost. The rep put us in a bracket of 6k per month from memory. They're better across the board for anything up to 100kgs, then I use followmont if in Qld or NSW.

  • its basically a mini loophole for sellers to qualify for ebay plus listings.

    Sendle is classified as express even if they take longer to deliver than auspost express or even standard post, it gives sellers a bump up in rankings to make more sales which also makes ebay look better to show more ebay plus sellers are now on board the program.

    in fairness they are getting better the couriers you mentioned with deliveries.

    Worst case if you are being stuffed around, just open a case with ebay for late delivery and you'll just get refunded. Annoying, but its not like you lose out.

    • Don't Sendle outsource their parcel deliveries? my last Sendle delivery was delivered by Aramex/Fastway they're always quick to get the parcel interstate but it sits in the couriers van or depot for a week before being delivered.

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        sendle is only a booking agent.
        their couriers are fastway/Aramex and couriers please.

        they do have a new courier on board for the small 250gram parcels. but a bulk will be the first 2 mentioned.

        just remember, each of the couriers listed above are franchises. so each area will be different. some good some bad. depends on the drivers of each area.

        • Yeah I know about the franchise thing with Fastway. The local franchisee used to be really good 10 years ago, always next day delivery and sometimes even same day deliveries for morning pickups. Now he's just overrun and delivery times have gone to shit.

  • Depending what your buying, many of the ones using Aramex are using logistics company to drop ship and don't have their own presence in Australia.

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    Fastway rebranded as Aramex

    Couriers please was always different


  • Still waiting over a month now for a parcel with Aramex. Multiple attempts to follow up with barely a "we'll chase this up" to some of my messages. Absolute nightmare company and have never had a good experience with them, ever.

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