Find Me a Bargain - Dyson V11/V15


I’m in desperate need of a new vacuum cleaner, and will probably go for a Dyson; the V11 and the V15 are the most likely candidates.

Are there any current sales or deals on these, or should I hold off for now and hope they fall closer to Christmas or in the New Year?



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    Find Me a Bargain

    didnt say please…

  • Why does everyone buy Dyson vacuums, but not brands like Ryobi which has larger power?

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      I used to had a miele, pain in the bum to use it over staircases, then I bought myself dyson V6, since then upgraded to V10. I haven't touched my miele in years. It works, easy to use and better resale value for upgrading. Good enough reason?

    • Ryobi? I don’t think he wants a vacuum for his garage..

      More power does not mean better cleaning not suction

  • Watching….

  • Investigate the Xiaomi range. Same or better performance for a LOT cheaper.

    • that's like suggesting an android phone for half the price of an iphone to an apple fanboy!

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        that's like suggesting an android phone for half the price of an iphone to an apple fanboy!

        good luck with that, what we comparing iphone vs Xiaomi or iphone with samsung ? lol

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      I went from an early Dyson, which lasted years but the battery gave up so upgraded to a Xiaomi Dreme, which worked well and last maybe about a year and died and the warranty processed ended up being too much of a pain in the ass.

      The wife went out and got the Dyson V11 and to be honest there is no comparison between the Xiaomi and it, but at 5x the price. For a smaller place / no pets or kids I would go for the Xiaomi but anything else the Dyson has won me over.

      • I’m with you.

        I keep hearing on these threads that ‘dysons are awful, the worst’ and ‘there are plenty of better option’, but no one can point at a specific make/model that is better than Dyson’s latest models.

        The online reviews are always great, and while they’re crazy-expensive, every other big manufacturer has followed the same pricing model. I mean, if the LG or Samsung equivalents were 30% cheaper, or more, then I’d probably have a good look at them, but they’re not.

    • Better performance? I thought the V11/V15 was the strongest hand held vacuum on the market.

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    20% if you know anyone from Australia Post. Think it's valid for this week only.

    • Unfortunately not. I guess I will hang on for the sales.

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    A few of us looking for similar deals I believe. If something pops up it's going to get OzBargained quickly.

    There were a few Black Friday deals on the Outsize including cashbacks but I think that's because they're not selling great.

  • Yeah I am in need of this for home and for work.

    But can't decide on whether to get a Dyson or Xiaomi.

    Might actually end up maybe getting one of each.

    Xiaomi for work since it is smaller.

    But the home definitely needs something much more powerful and longer lasting so a Dyson.

    I keep holding on though and just telling myself I don't need it haha lol so I probably will never end up getting one.

    Was actually meant to get a robot vacuum this year but that didn't pan out either.

    I should have just gotten a gen 1 xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner when it first came out.. I would have been so much happier then than now.

  • having looked at review video's and having a dyson, I would go with the dyson if you can afford it.

    My current v6 has lasted me many years and was had at good sale price of under 250, currently looking at v11 and v12 but they dont seem to be on sale unfortunately.

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    Not much help here but we got our refurb V10 Absolute+ for $450 from the Dyson eBay store roughly 2 years ago. We thought the parcel was lost in transit, so contacted Dyson and they sent a replacement. The original arrived a few days later, so now we have 2x V10’s. One for upstairs and one for downstairs

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