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[eBay Plus, PS5, PS4] Tales of Arise $68 Delivered @ EB Games eBay


Big drop in Tales of Arise similar to earlier in the week. This time it is available on the ebay store with free delivery if you have Ebay Plus.
Looks to be the best recent Tales game. Should get in before the AUS versions are all gone. JB and Amazon have all sold out already.

PS4 Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/304247549952

PS5 Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/304247549865 SOLD OUT

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  • Best Tales game in terms of battle mechanic & story

    • Yeah this is as nice as Berseria. I do want them to rerelease Xillia on the ps5 though.

  • oos?

  • +1

    Was my game of the year. Gutted the game awards didn't mention this as overall game of the year. That bloody deathloop gor so many nominations and this only got best RPG nomination.

    I do miss the overworld like vesperia had

    • Played Vesperia on x360 and I got lost with the story. I just remember the game was way too long and I forgot the main plot after I stopped playing for a while.

    • +2

      Not even Returnal was nominated for GOTY.

      • I know! Why the heck deathloop got nominated beats me.
        Even players who played it had mixed feelings

        • +1

          "Why the heck deathloop got nominated beats me." - MS Money
          Same reason why Ratchet got nominated - Sony money

          TGA is advertising and both Deathloop and Ratchet didn't sell as well as their publishers wanted them to, but if there's a GOTY nomination sticker on the front its more appealing. It's not worth putting any value in these "awards".

  • +1

    Currently playing this on PS4 which runs just fine by the way, it's so good. Been a Tales fan since Phantasia on the SNES, just finished Vesperia on the Switch and this just blows everything away. Combat is super smooth and fun, the world is full of detail and so far the story and characters are all great.

    • It really doesn't change it stays great throughout. If there's one part I didn't like it's the water kingdoms travelling throughout the castle. I'd say it's in par with vesperia and like you I'm a super big tales fan and have played most of the series including the 3ds and ps vita ones.
      My three faves are vesperia, symphonia (1) and arise

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