Soundbar Speakers Killing Wi-Fi

Bought the LG SP11RA soundbar with the wireless sub and rear speakers to go with my 65 LG CX.

Using a Google Nest Wifi with 1 point. The router is in the bedroom with the Opticomm box (Aussie BB 250MB), the point is in the living room about 2 metres from the TV and PS5.

Finally installed the soundbar and rear speakers last night. Soon as I turned them on, they destroyed the WIFI. Netflix went from showing 4k to buffering nonstop. Same with the other apps (Disney, Prime). I'm running the apps directly off the TV, rather than using the PS5 (would that make a difference).

Anything I can do with the Nest Wifi in terms of changing the channels?

Should also note that it's a new Unit, at the Opticomm box are 6 ethernet ports going to different rooms, so I could hardwire the electronics, but none of the ports are marked, so need to figure out which port goes to which room.


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    SP11RA runs on 5 GHz wireless frequency. Switch your WiFi router to 2.4 GHz if switching channels doesn't help.

    If you have the option to hardwire kit, you always should!

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      Agree, I am going to bookmark this thread to show next time I am arguing with someone building a new house who says that network cables are only for dinosaurs and not required anymore to connect all their streaming and other devices!

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        People say this?? I have 4 Ethernet cables connecting to my devices because I don’t want sub-gigabit speeds like a Neanderthal

    • Unfortunately, Google Nest, you can't switch channels, it's all automated.

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        Tap WiFi then the three dots in the upper-right corner. Tap Advanced > WiFi frequency band. Select 2.4 GHz.

        • ahh no way. Didn't know that.
          Thanks for that

  • I had the same issue with Google Wifi (pre-nest models). Didn’t allow for changing channels or anything, no way to force device to a specific frequency. Ended up replacing Google Wifi with a Ubiquity Dream Machine and my problems all went away.

    Fun and expensive way to fix something that should just work.

    1. I presume that the extra Ethernet ports on the Opticomm box are only used for connecting other internet providers as is the case with the NBN FTTP box.

    2. Try moving the Nest Wifi to another room and connecting it to back to the Opticomm box using the ethernet. It's going to depend on the layout of your unit, but trying this only costs you time, presuming you have a spare ethernet cable. You should be able to figure out which port it is via trial and error. Move the device to the room then test each of the terminations in turn until the port lights come on.

    3. If that fails get a router with multiple ethernet ports and wire in the TV and whatever else is suffering interference.

    • 1.Ethernet ports are wired going to the Bedroom and living room. Being the Nest has one bloody ethernet port, that one goes to a TP Link unmanaged switch, and from there I have a ethernet cable running to one of the ports going to the office room.

      1. Will have to trial and error.

      2. Will try the above two first.

  • Opticomm box are 6 ethernet ports going to different rooms, so I could hardwire the electronics, but none of the ports are marked

    Not hard to work out when you connect them one by one. Hardwire the ethernet to the lounge room. Can the Nest Point be used as a switch? That is, does it have multiple ethernet ports?

    • Nope, only one. that's why I'm using a TP-Link unmanaged switch.

      • Where's the switch located?

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