Flying Orb Balls - Any Recommendations?

So both my kids have put these on their Christmas list and my limited research tells me they are not going to live up to any of the hype of the online videos.

My questions is does anyone have any feedback or suggestions of the "least worst" one to purchase. Not wanting to spend a fortune but they are obsessed with the concept so if I can find something reasonable would be happy to purchase.

Link to type of product


  • Just a quick look found some cheapies in QLD on eBay?

  • :) Yeah they were the ones I was looking at this morning as well. They meet the price point criteria in that it wont be the end of the world if they aren't great and in my mind they are more of a stocking filler anyway but I just wanted to make sure there was nothing out there that was notably better for a few more dollars.

  • I clicked in here thinking you were after UFO recommendations…

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