LEGO and Cashrewards Question?

Lego is currently running a deal with cashrewards for 10% off everything that's not Exclusive. So, I found what I wanted and made the purchase.

I haven't gotten anything for tracking the purchase yet. Then I notice "Up to 5 days after shipping" on CR site. Soooo..I'm guessing that means I've got to wait until the item has shipped for the cashback to track?

I've never purchased lego through CR before and most things I bought through CR track super quickly.

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    Yes tracking comes after item shipped.

    • Alright. I won't worry anymore 🤣 Thanks!

  • What did you buy?

    • LEGO

    • Can't say..It's a gift and I know they come to Ozbargain 👀

    • Maybe the $1299.99 AT-AT

      • 🤐🤫

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    Mine never tracks for for some reason, yet I never have a problem with any other site.

    • Oh bugger. So, you've gotta launch a claim then?

    • You must enable all cookies for Lego website.

      • Mine always are.

  • I had to submit a claim. Fingers crossed it gets approved

    • Hope it works out!

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